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Differences Between Freckles And Sun Spots & Their Treatments

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Age spots, sun spots, and freckles look alike, but in fact, they have different characteristics. So, their treatment options also come with slight changes. It is necessary for you to know the difference between them so that you can get the better assistance. The purpose of writing this post is to provide you awareness on the basis of our expert knowledge. Continue reading to know more!

What Are Sun Spots?

Sun spots are usually observed on the people having white skin. Usually, they appear after the age of 35 years. These spots are flat in appearance and black, grey, or brown in color. Excessive sun exposure makes you get these spots on your skin as you will always get them in the area of your skin or face that is more exposed to the sun.

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Genetics or excessive sun exposure are the main causes. However, they are harmless but affect your appearance. There is nothing to worry about except making your appearance better. Hence, it becomes necessary to visit a doctor if you get itching, increase in size, change in color, or tenderness in the spots.

What Are Freckles?

Freckles are normally smaller than sun spots. You may get them on any area of your body. Usually, they are inherited, this is the reason that they are observable mostly in children and faded with time. Hence, direct exposure to the sun rays can make them intense and severe. Usually, they are seen in fair skins and red heads.

Differences Between Freckles And Sun Spots & Their Treatments1

How To Tell The Difference?

The main difference between sun spots and freckles is the age when they appear on an individual’s body. Also, the area of your body where you get them also reveal the difference. If you are having a sign that you just start to notice in your younger age or more, then it can be sun spots. On the other hand, if you are noticing these spots on your body since your childhood and they are becoming dangerous then they might be freckles.

Why Is It Important To Tell The Difference Between Sun Spots And Freckles?

To select the best treatment plan, it is necessary to know the difference so that an accurate treatment option can be selected. Different kinds of treatments are available for these issues in the market, so you need to know the actual difference so that you can select the best treatment.

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Different treatment options are available to treat these issues. However, you need to do a proper research in this regard and then select the best treatment option carefully. Some of the most used treatment options are medication, chemical peel, and cryotherapy. Also, you may make some changes in your life habits to treat the problem. These changes may include less exposure to the sun or make it your habit to apply a sunscreen to your body & face whenever go outside.

Well, before making any decision regarding your treatment, you need to consult your doctor. Your doctor can provide you better suggestion in this regard. Here, at DCS, all of our expert doctors are always available to serve you. Feel free to contact us anytime. Also, we are not charging any amount for our consultation session. All you need is to fill the following form and leave the rest on us. After that, one of our experts will get back to you to schedule your appointment. What are you waiting for when you have such an amazing opportunity? Go ahead, fill the form, and get your appointment now!

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