Comparison of Laser Hair Removal and Traditional Methods

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Laser Hair Removal is better thenTraditional Methods

Hair removal is an essential evil in our lives but fortunately we have got lots of options! No woman wants to suffer with unwanted hair on her body. A multitude of ways to get rid of hair are available, either temporarily or for long term. Some traditional methods like threading and tweezing are still being used and they may work right on smaller parts of the body. But they are not much feasible for larger body areas, like legs, back or full arms. However, laser hair removal is the most recommended and sought after treatment in Dubai. Well, let’s draw a comparison of laser hair removal treatment and other traditional methods to help you choose the right one for you.


Shaving is probably the most practiced for hair removal.

  • Time: This method of hair removal is one of the quickest. It does not takes long to shave your whole body.
  • Cost: It is the most cost effective hair removal method. You just have to buy a razor and shaving cream. You will have to replace blades regularly.
  • Discomfort: It does not causes any pain but you will have to take due care to avoid any accidental cut. . Your skin may feel dry and irritated because of the quality of blade. It increases the likelihood of ingrown hair or razor burn in women having sensitive skin.
  • Impacts: The problem with shaving is that its result are really short-lived, hairs start growing back within few hours or a day.


Tweezing is a technique to remove hair one by one.

  • Time: Tweezing is an easy method for removing hair from smaller areas of your body like lip area and eyebrows. But you can’t tweeze your arms or legs. It is a time consuming technique.
  • Cost: it is the least expensive hair removal method. All it costs is a good pair of sharp tweezers.
  • Discomfort: This technique is little painful. Tweezing your hair causes a stringing pain. Your skin may be irritated or red after tweezing. It may also cause ingrown hair.
  • Impacts: Hair will grow back in the same texture within a week. It is difficult to achieve symmetry through tweezing.


Waxing is a technique that works all over your body. A sticky resin is applied to the desired skin and covered with a cloth strip which sticks to hair and skin. Hairs are removed when you rip off the cloth. It removes the hair at the root rather than simply shearing it off at the surface of your skin.

  • Time: It is time consuming as compared to shaving. For waxing, you have to let the hairs grow to about quarter of an inch to be removed successfully.
  • Cost: It does not costs much, but it is expensive as compared to tweezing and shaving.
  • Discomfort: It can be painful when the strip is removed. It may cause redness and irritation for a day.
  • Impacts: It’s not permanent but lasts longer than shaving. Results of waxing last from 3 to 4 weeks.

Laser Hair Removal:

This is a latest technique that uses a strong beam of light to destroy the roots of your unwanted hairs.

  • Time: This treatment is your way to go for saving time. Removing hairs from smaller areas like upper lips or chin will only take few minutes. It may take time for treating larger areas.
  • Cost: Laser hair removal is affordable method because it is a long lasting solution to your problem.
  • Discomfort: This procedure is totally painless and non-invasive. There are no potential side effects but you should consult your doctor for the right advice.
  • Impacts: the results are long lasting and it can permanently reduce hair growth. You’ll need to have several treatments to complete the treatment. You may require occasional touch-ups, but laser hair removal will last for quite long time.

Now, you know what is the best way for you to remove the unwanted hair? If you are thinking about getting lasered in Dubai, we’ve got your back! Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offers laser hair removal and can help you in discovering about this treatment through a free personalized consultation with one of our hair removal experts.

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