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 According to an estimate, almost one-third of people are born with having a birthmark on a visible part of their body. These marks are different in color, shape, texture, and size. These marks can be flat, raised, visible, big, small, pale purple, black, red, or bluish. No matter in which shape, color, or size you have the birthmark, it looks ugly if you have it on your visible body part. Even in some cases, birthmarks disturbs your self-esteem & confidence. If you are a parent and your baby is owning a birthmark, then this is the concern for you as your child’s mental and physical health is your responsibility. Your child may face bullying or personally, he doesn’t appraise that sign. Well, if you are worried in this regard, then it is the time to end your worries. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is offering birthmark removal laser treatment to treat the specific issue. This treatment does wonders for you and your children, as well. Also, you may get port wine stains treatment to make your lifestyle better.

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Hence, before going to any further, you should know what a birthmark is and what its types are. In this way, it will be easy to identify your problem and select a better treatment for them.

What Is A Birthmark?

A birthmark is a kind of blotch on your skin that happens if the normal tissue cannot happen in a skin area due to losing its way. They present in person’s body at the time of birth and may appear right after birth or after a short time. Some of these marks may fade or shrink with the passage of time, while some others seem ugly. If your birthmark is large and affecting your confidence badly then you should get a treatment to get rid of it.

Types Of Birthmarks

Birthmarks are usually categorized into two types. One is known as vascular birthmarks while the other is known as pigmented birthmarks.

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Best Treatment For Birthmarks

A number of birthmark treatments are available that are considered safe. However, people are not going for surgical procedure as laser treatment is now in the market and you can avail this procedure for your benefit. The laser procedure is painless and no risks are involved in it. However, this treatment procedure is not for all kinds of birthmarks so you need to consult your doctor in this regard.

According to experts, getting an initial consultation is necessary to make a good decision. In the initial consultation, our doctors will get your medical history, examine you completely specifically your birthmark, and let you know the best possible solution. Here, at DCS, all of the doctors are highly expert and they are providing their services for various years. We are working with the objective of providing you flawless skin. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your treatment now by filling the following form. Once you fill the form, one of our experts will get back to you to make your consultation.

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