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Skin conditions are a very common problem and almost everyone has to deal with them. Most of these conditions can be easily corrected with different treatments. In most cases, they are not very noticeable and do not have an impact on the overall personality. However, when it comes to birthmarks, that’s usually not the case.

According to an estimate, almost one-third of the people are born with a visible birthmark. These marks can be different in color, shape, texture, and size. Unfortunately, people with visible birthmarks often face unwanted stares and comments from others. This can have a damaging effect at a young and impressionable age.

Birthmarks are a natural phenomenon that can affect anyone but they can be treated now. Let’s have a closer look at what they are, what are the types of birthmarks, and how they can be treated.

What is a Birthmark?

A birthmark is a kind of benign irregularity on the skin present at the time of birth. In some cases, it can develop during the first month after birth. There are numerous factors that can cause a birthmark including melanocytes, overgrown blood vessels, keratinocytes, and smooth muscles. They can appear at any part of the body.

Types of Birthmarks

Birthmarks are usually categorized into two types:

  • Vascular birthmarks
  • Pigmented birthmarks

The vascular birthmarks occur due to improper formation of blood vessels in a particular area. Salmon patch is one of the most common types of vascular birthmarks.

Pigmented birthmarks are caused by an overgrowth of pigmentation producing cells. These can vary in colors and may have a flat or raised appearance. Common examples include moles and Mongolian spots.

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Treatments for Birthmarks

A number of effective birthmark treatments are available. These can be both surgical and nonsurgical in nature. Generally, surgical procedures are reserved for extreme cases. People often avoid going under the knife due to extensive downtime and possible post-surgical complications.

Most of the birthmarks can be easily removed with the help of laser birthmark removal treatment. It is non-invasive in nature and does not have any serious downtime. It can help you achieve the desired outcomes within a few sessions.


How does laser treatment work?

The laser procedures are fairly simple. The area to be treated is numbed down with the help of a topical anaesthesia. The laser beams are set to bypass the outer layers of the skin and work on the birthmark underneath.

In the case of pigmented birthmarks, the laser breaks down the pigmentation. The body then excretes these particles through the natural process. In case of vascular birthmarks, the vessels are shrunked and eventually absorbed into the body.

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Post-treatment care

Your doctor will most likely prescribe antibiotic ointments that you will need to use as per the instructions. Some scabs may form in the treated area that should be left alone. Avoid direct sun contact for a few days. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen if you are in a brightly lit place. Also, avoid applying makeup to the skin for some time to allow the skin to fully heal.


Birthmarks are completely natural and you do not get to choose them. It can appear anywhere on your body during or after your birth. However, you do have a choice to remove them and get them treated. There are various methods to remove birthmarks but laser removal is the best treatment so far. Owing to the advancements in medical science, it is quick, easy and effective. If you want to get the laser birthmark removal treatment, or want to get more information about it visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery®. You can also book an appointment online by filling the form below. In this way, you can consult with a skin specialist for free.

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