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Acne Treatments | Options – Pros and Cons

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Acne Treatments in Dubai

Acne is a skin disease also known as acne vulgaris. Acne is a long-term disease and it happens when hair follicles are clogged with oil on the skin as well as dead skin cells. They could be identified in the form of blackheads, pimples, whiteheads as well as scarring and oily face. It greatly affects the appearance of skin and demeans one’s self-esteem which could lead to depression.

This mostly occurs in puberty because sebaceous glands are active at that time but it can also occur at a different age. The condition is not dangerous but it can lead to scarring which could be depressing for some people.

It is stimulated by male hormone and is produced by adrenal gland which produces oil. The treatment of this condition depends upon the severity of the condition as well as its persistent. Common factors that cause acne are anxiety, genetics, stress, hot and humid climate, Squeezing of pimples, menstrual cycle and regular use of oily makeup.

Cosmetic treatments for Acne

There are some cosmetic treatments available for Acne treatment in Dubai and these cosmetic treatments have many advantages over medical treatment. Their results are quicker and they are more effective. Some of these treatments are following.

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Chemical peels

Chemical peels control certain types of acne to improve the overall appearance of skin. Traditionally chemical peels are used to improve fine lines, minor scars, and sun damage. There are three different types of chemical peels and the strength of peel depend upon the strength of chemical used in the peel. Stronger peels penetrate deeper compared to weaker peels. The three basic type of peels are the following:

Super facial peel: This peel uses weakest chemicals among all peels. This peel only penetrates the upper skin and exfoliate it and can only work best for mild acne, however, this type of peel is ineffective when it comes to severe acne.

Medium Peel: The chemicals used in this peel are more powerful compared to superficial peel. They penetrate the upper as well as middle layers of skin to exfoliate it and it can be used to treat more severe forms of acne.

Deep Peel: This is the most effective type of chemical peel and the chemicals used in this peel are the strongest. In this peel skin is penetrated by chemicals on a deeper level. It penetrates the upper and medium layer. It also travels to deep layer and exfoliates the skin on a deeper level which is the reason that it can be used for the severe form of acne.

Pros of chemical peel

The chemical peel is very effective.

It is efficient compared to medical treatments.

The results of chemical peel are quick and clearly visible.

There is minimum pain involved in the procedure.

Cons of chemical peel

This treatment won’t work efficiently if the skin is prone to form exaggerated scar tissue such as keloids.

It also won’t work effectively if you have undergone isotretinoin therapy within the previous six months.

This procedure is not recommended for people who have sensitive skin.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

IPL is an effective way for Acne treatment in Dubai. The procedure works the same way as normal IPL. In this treatment, the affected area is showered with intense light which is absorbed by the skin and creates a control wound. This not only destroys bacteria but the acne as well and it initiates the collagen production in the targeted area which heals the skin along with removing acne.

Pros of IPL

There is minimum pain involved in the procedure.

The results of this technique are swift and clearly visible.

Compared to medical treatments IPL is more efficient.

It removes acne and clears the skin.

Cons of IPL

More sessions might be required for good results.

For the severe form of treatment, medication might also be required.

It is not recommended for dark skin because it can burn the skin of people with darker skin tone.


The laser works in the same way as IPL but instead of using intense light it uses intense laser light which penetrates deeper into the skin. It covers less area during treatments and takes more time per session to complete. In this procedure, the affected area is targeted with intense laser light. The laser is then absorbed by skin pigments and acnes are destroyed. Bacteria present in the acne is also destroyed due to the heat produced by laser light. The end result is clear and acne free skin.

Pros of Laser

The procedure is minimally invasive.

The results of this procedure are immediate.

Usually, one session is enough to get maximum results.

It clears the skin and removes acne.

It is effective on all types of skins.

It can even treat severe effects of acne

Cons of Laser

One session of laser takes more time to be completed.

Mild redness is also expected.

Sensitivity to sunlight is increased but it is only temporary.

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All of the procedure described above can help tremendously when it comes to acne treatment. These procedures will not only remove again but will also give you a clearer and fairer skin.


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