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8 Things Acne Sufferer Must Know

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Acne Sufferer Must Know

Do you suffer from acne breakouts? If your answer is yes, it’s nothing to be surprised because acne is the most common skin problem and nearly every one suffers from it at some stage of life and such people spend lots of money on the creams and cosmetic treatments for cure of acne. Probably, you are also one of them but did you get desired results from any of these treatments? If your answer is no, it’s also not surprising because there are lots of people who go for acne treatments but do not get desired results. It’s not because the treatment is not effective but this occurs because people rely on the treatments only. No doubt, there are a number of treatments that really work but you should also take some steps to make the treatment quick and effective. Here we will discuss about 10 most important things that every acne sufferer should know about.

  1. Makeup is the everyday routine of nearly every woman and it can make the acne worse though women who are the acne sufferers might not be aware of this fact. Start using acne free makeup because this will not clog the pores leading to acne breakouts. Look for those makeup products that are labeled as non-cosmedogenic and avoid heavy greasy products.
  2. Pillow seems to be an unimportant thing but all the dirt, sweat and makeup on your pillow case can make your acne worse. So, change your pillow case regularly to prevent acne breakouts.
  3. If you are using any acne treatment, moisturizer becomes a key element in keeping acne breakouts at bay. Most of the acne products make the skin dry, so it becomes important to moisturize your skin regularly. Moisturizing is also helpful in clearing the dirt, excess oil and makeup on the skin.
  4. Do you think shampoo can affect your acne? It really does. You might have noticed that certain shampoos and conditioners having a lot fragrance lead to acne breakouts on the forehead, jaw, neck and back. So, change you shampoo, start using non-fragrance products and see the results.
  5. Most of the acne sufferers play with their acne and prick them. This can worsen the condition because by touching your face, oil and dirt from your hand transfer to your face, leaving those areas prone to more acne. So, don’t touch your face and irritate your acne.
  6. A little bit of sun is considered helpful for reducing acne but too much sun exposure can damage your skin leading to breakouts. So, avoid excess sun exposure and apply sunscreen before going in the sun to prevent breakouts from prompting.
  7. The thing you eat matters more than the thing you apply on the face. When your stomach is healthy, it will make your skin healthy. So, eat healthy food and drink plenty of water daily to prevent acne breakouts.
  8. Make exercise your routine because it will help you in feeling and looking healthy. During workout, you perspire that helps in eliminating toxins, dirt and chemicals more efficiently.

In short, if you really want to get rid of acne breakouts, along with acne treatment you need to know about certain important things and adopt them to prevent more acne breakouts and cure the existing ones.

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