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What a Girl Wants to Know About BOTOX?

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What a Girl Wants to Know


A botulinum derived drug, known as botox has taken the market due to its numerous uses in aesthetic industry. Botox is basically a neurotoxin which is able to create a disruption in the movement of muscles. This neurotoxin is being used with different brand names to treat a number of conditions, however, botox is the most commonly known one.

Cosmetic Uses

A botox can is used to treat various conditions including;

  • It helps in eliminating the appearance of wrinkles. Botox is used to improve the appearance of areas around forehead, eyes, nose, mouth and neck.
  • It helps in weight loss

Non-Cosmetic Uses

Botox can also be used to treat medical conditions including;

  • It helps in reducing migraine pain
  • It is used for treating eye squinting
  • It is used as a treatment for hyperhidrosis i.e. excessive sweating
  • It is used for treating leaky bladders

Procedure Details

It is a simple treatment which does not involve any invasiveness, pain or complications but you will have to choose a well-qualified and experienced doctor to perform the procedure. A topical anesthetic is applied to the marked area where an injection is supposed to be made so you don’t experience any discomfort. An expert would make sure that the injection is made in the right neuromuscular tissue without any other complications.

The neurotoxin (botulinum) is diluted with saline (sodium chloride). Your doctor injects it into the specific neuromuscular tissue. After the botox has been injected into the neuromuscular tissue, it will take 2 or more days in paralyzing the muscle and blocking transmission process. However, complete results are visible after a week.

Recovery Period

There is no downtime required after a botox treatment, you will be able to resume daily tasks immediately after the treatment. You may feel bruises or redness which will disappear in some hours but there are no serious side effects associated with the botox treatment.


As explained above, the effects of botox will be noticeable in 6 to 7 days. The effects are temporary you will need to undergo botox session after 7 to 8 months to maintain the results.

Free Consultation

Botox is a safe treatment but it involves interruption into the nerves and muscles, this is why it should only be performed by a qualified and experienced medical aesthetician. You can book an appointment with an expert at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery for a free consultation by filling in the given form.

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