5 Signs that You Need a Biorevitalization Treatment

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Biorevitalization Treatment

Since time immemorial the signs of aging especially on the face have never been taken kindly. People would go to extreme lengths to hold on to their youth including bathing in milk, drinking and applying concoctions on their faces. Some worked for a bit others failed miserably. In our age and time technology has revolutionized and we do not have to gamble anymore when it comes to holding on to our youth just a little bit longer.

Taking a few years off your face is extremely satisfying especially if you do not need to go under the knife. Biorevitalization helps with this kind of treatment.

What is Biorevitalization?

Biorevitalization is the method of exposing the deep layers off the skin to hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid stimulates the synthesis of fibroblasts which are cells that produce collagen and elastin as well as enhancing cell hydration.

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 Signs that you are in need of biorevitalization treatment

  1. Sagging skin

The more we age the less our skin produces collagen and elastin which keeps it strong and firm. When the production of these two elements decreases the skin begins to sag. Gaining and losing weight also contributes to the sagging of the skin.

  1. Age spots

Age spots are the pigment cells also known as melanocytes. The more we age the quicker they multiply and sometimes they cluster together and form age spots. They mostly appear on the skin on areas where the sun hits the most like on the back of the hands.

  1. Dry skin

The top layer of the skin dries out because the skin does not produce as much natural moisture as it used to due to aging. Decreased cell activity as well as sun damage also contribute to the skin drying out.

  1. Wrinkles and lines

Wrinkles appear when the skin loses collagen, elastin and moisture. This mostly happens to the areas of the face where movement happens a lot like around the eyes and mouth. Excessive exposure to the sun and smoking also hastens the formation of wrinkles.

  1. Thin skin

As you age the cell production on the lower layer of the epidermis slows down. This thins out the dermis and epidermis and makes the skin more prone to wrinkles.

Methods of carrying out Biorevitalization

  1. Classical Biorevitalization method

This is the injectable method. Hyaluronic acid together with other drugs is injected into the skin and 3-4 sessions are required within two weeks. The course is repeated after every 3-6 months. The patient can opt for local anesthesia to be used.

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  1. Non-injection method

These are 2 types;

  1. Laser biorevitalization. This rejuvenation done by a laser. Microscopic punctures are made on the skin using a laser and the substance is injected subcutaneously.
  2. Pulse iontophoresis. This is when drugs are introduced into the skin by of current pulses.

Biorevitalization should not be done if you have either one of the following;

  • Inflammation, acne, trauma
  • Severe chronic diseases
  • Tendency of the skin to scar
  • Skin diseases
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Taking blood thinning medications
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