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Restoring Facial Volume: Fat Grafting vs. Fillers

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For the past many years, facial rejuvenation was limited only to non-invasive procedures like skin resurfacing using lasers and peels, and surgical facelift. However, the options have increased massively over the past few years. Newer options such as muscle relaxation via Botox, and restoring the facial volume via fat injection in Dubai has emerged. Over the years, gravity pulls everything down and we also lose baby fat as we age. Plastic surgeons can now reverse the signs of aging by adding volume to refresh the overall appearance.

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2 Most Commonly Used Methods

Let’s examine the question of how to restore volume in the face via two most popular and effective methods

Fillers/ Botox

The first option is the use of the off-the-shelf materials for instance; hyaluronic acid, lactic acid (Sculptra) or any other kinds of fillers. Mainly, the Botox restricts muscle movement and reduces the appearance of aging signs while imparting volume where needed. It is a simple quick procedure which hardly takes a total of 30 minutes with the results to die for. The results may last for up to 2 years.

Fat Grafting

Another popular way to restore volume to the face is via getting a fat injection in Dubai or elsewhere. Fat can be harvested from any area of your choice whether it be abdomen or the thighs. You can think of this technique as a gentler version of liposuction. The harvested fat requires minimal processing followed by reinjection into the face. It is a much more natural approach as it only involves the person’s own fat.

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Comparison Between the Two; Fat vs. Fillers

They both are amazing techniques and work equally well. The choice is dependent on what a patient is looking for and the preferences of the surgeon as well. While the fat transfer is certainly a very demanding procedure which requires a highly experienced surgeon, Botox is not as permanent. They both are suitable for targeting varying problem areas. For injections around the eyes, most surgeons prefer fillers; mainly hyaluronic acid ones. Similarly, if one requires extreme enhancement in the volume of their cheeks, fat injection is recommended. Fat grafting lasts a lifetime while the use of fillers requires constant maintenance. Moreover, if you are not sure what kind of look you will want, you might not want to try fat grafting. Initially, test the waters via fillers and then go back with fat grafting.

It’s a Case-By-Case Decision

So when do you use fat grafting and when do you use fillers? A I said earlier, it depends. It’s a case-by-case decision to determine the best protocol for each patient. And, only a surgeon will be able to recommend you a suitable solution after a consultation.

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