What is Preventative Botox and Does It Work?

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Botox was originally used to treat wrinkles and fine lines which occur due to aging. But right now more and more young people are using it to prevent the signs of aging especially on the face. The real question is does preventative Botox really work and does it stop wrinkles from ever appearing?

How young is too young?

Botox is approved for persons who are above the age of 18 years. In late twenties and early thirties you may not have wrinkles yet but you may notice that there are some fine lines which begin to appear.

Botox works by relaxing facial muscles which cause lines when you frown or smile. The treatment usually lasts for about four months. Preventative Botox is used to prevent wrinkles before they appear. The face muscles work just like any other muscle in the body thus when you work them out more they will get more defined. Working out your face happens whenever smile, frown, laugh, squint or raise your eyebrows.

Regular Botox causes muscles to atrophy and this prevents the development of deep lines and wrinkles which are associated with strong facial muscles. So yes, preventative Botox works and it’s a real thing.

The more you age the more your face will have had time to work out, hence when you wait until your 40s to get Botox injections it will be more like trying to reverse the signs of aging rather than preventing them. One of the advantages of starting Botox early and on a regular basis is you will never get to have a deep furrow as the muscles will not get so thick and hypertrophied.

As with every cosmetic treatment, there are pros and cons and preventative Botox injections are no exception.

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Pros of preventative Botox injections

  • Botox injections contour the face making it look better
  • Since most wrinkles appear on the face the Botox injections prevents them from appearing hence making you look younger and more radiant
  • Once you get the preventative Botox injections you are most likely to be more confident about yourself and this will make you succeed in other areas of life
  • Wrinkles will not form as the muscle movement will have stopped

Cons of preventative Botox injections

  • It will mean that you have to be getting the injections on a regular basis which can be somewhat tiresome
  • It will cost you money since you have to keep on getting them regularly every three to six months for the rest of your life
  • They can make you worry about your looks even when you shouldn’t
  • Your life will revolve around Botox injections
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As long as you are over 18 years old you can get preventative Botox injections and a good doctor should know how to treat them according to your age. Then again doctors vary in their opinions. As it has been said before, prevention is better than cure, but that decision is up to you to make.

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