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Non-Surgical Fat Grafting Breast Lift

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Non-Surgical Fat Grafting Breast Lift

Non-invasive boob jobs are a hot topic since a while now. But over the passage of time non-surgical fat grafting breast lift has gained immense popularity as the procedure kept on being perfected until it is now more commonly practiced in cosmetic surgery havens such as Dubai. Breast augmentation in Abu Dhabi with fat transfer is not only popular because of its minimally invasive properties but because it is win-win situation where patients not only get to lose unnecessary body fat from their body and recycle it into added breast size. It does sound like the ideal contemporary boob job but there is a lot more to it than its perks. If you are considering redistributing fat from your belly, legs or buttocks to your breasts then you ought to read on and learn more about the procedure before signing up for it.


Patients looking to increase breast size and lose body fat at the same time have to fit a criteria in order to be eligible for the procedure.

  • Wish to have a subtle increase in breast size, nothing over the top.
  • Are either not suited or do not prefer having implants due to the complications they pose.
  • Have enough body fat to transfer.
  • Preferably wish to have a breast lift in definition and shape.
  • Do not plan on having any children within the next year.
  • Willing to undergo liposuction as well breast augmentation. Both of these processes are necessary.

This method is not advised for patients with low body weight since they wouldn’t have ample fat to be transferred. Moreover one session would result in a modest increase in size.

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There are various limitations to these procedures, much of which have been outlined in the section above. People who would be willing to face some unpredictability with results and have realistic expectations from surgery can do well with this procedure since the changes aren’t substantial. Implants will always deliver the exact size that was asked for but even with the best of doctors, the eventual results with fat transfer breast augmentation won’t be as much as predicted. Fat transfer may cause the breasts to increase by one cup size. That is normally an A for instance can get to a B cup. Some patients have asked for second sessions for added cup size, but that requires time for the breast tissue to stretch and enlarge in order to accommodate the transferred fat.

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Ladies with very tight and small breasts can undergo other method to stretch out their breast tissue before they become eligible for the process. Women who have breastfed children also have ample loose spaces to accommodate transferred fat.

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