Kardashians’ Doctor Says Cheek Fillers Are the New Face-Lift

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No stranger to setting trends and taking the headlines with delicious controversy, the entire Kardashian family has probably undergone minor or major cosmetic treatments. The success with which the reality television stars have demonstrated with their social media and lifestyle trends is largely supported by their image and persona that is cultivated from proper regimen, cosmetic proficiency and the massive entertainment industry. A number of reputable surgeon names are associated with the Kardashians such as the world-renowned Dr. Gary Fisher who operates on the face, nose, breast and body. Dr. Simon Ourian is the current Kardashians’ doctor and his name came up in tabloids when Kylie Jenner commended his natural-looking injections for her lips. Half-sister Khloe K also attributed her tramp stamp removal to his skilled services.

The Kardashians’ doctor said that cheek fillers are the new facelift technique. The face can be augmented, lifted, contoured and cosmetically enhanced to a large extent with all sorts’ surgical and non-surgical tools. The immense diversity of options available for patients yielding different biological, social, emotional, genetic and physical factors hinges differently with each different patient. Indeed the diversity here is so vast that it is very rare to find a skilled multi-specialized and experienced surgeon. Hence for someone with prolific expertise and clientele there should be quite some weight to his words. In a statement with US weekly magazine; Dr. Ourian states that celebrities are judged for their appearance and their lives are covered on so many fronts that they have to look their best 24/7. He states that for this instant and reliably sculpted look, cheek fillers and volumizers are swiftly becoming the new face lift. At a cheaper price tag, more prolific sculpting, instant results, minimal downtime or recovery and temporary long-lasting results; clients are not too hasty in choosing conventional surgery!
Below are some of his reasons.

  1. As good as a face lift

Popular non-invasive cosmetic treatments for treating high profile adult ladies (or anyone basically) is usually a combination of cheek lift and Ultra necklift to resolve issues of loose sagging skin. With 17 years of experience under his belt Dr. Ourian says that the age droops naturally with age around the corners of the mouth and cheeks as well as over the edge of the jaw wrinkling the neck and the face. With dermal fillers this treatment package rejuvenates the face by restoring lost volume and allow for proficient contouring. The necklift on the other hand involves a radio frequency ultrasound treatment technique that stimulates newer production of collagen and lifts sagging skin.

  1. All sorts of fillers

Filers come in all forms from long-lasting and partially permanent types with the most common long-lasting products to be used are Hyaluronic based injectable fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane , Other fillers include Sculptra and Radiesse which are permanent in nature but are very rarely used. Top ups every 4-6 months is necessary to maintain shape and volume. Other fillers are either animal-tissue synthesized or can be made from fat harvested from the patient’s body. Such treatments are however commonly performed on the body to augment areas and contour the figure.

  1. Have realistic expectations from treatment.

It is practically impossible to mimic someone else’s look which seems to be the paradox of today’s trends. According to Dr. Ourian the patient ought to have realistic expectations from surgery and not wishing to be pressured by them or someone else into looking like someone in particular. Owing to the diversity of aesthetic, emotional and physical factors from patient to patient the surgeon will individually evaluate their patient to find the most perfect fit for them based on their expertise and the patient’s aesthetic goals. He also explains that the aim from surgery could be such as youthful rejuvenation, enhancing tone and aiming to provide a fresher look to improve their productivity and quality of lifestyle. A surgeon’s main aim is to make their client satisfied and that starts from the very first consultation meeting.

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