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How Long Does Non Surgical Nose Job Last?

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How Long Does Non Surgical Nose Surgery Last

A non-surgical nose job is an advanced procedure for enhancing the appearance of the nose. It is a minimally invasive technique that works like a magic trick. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is based on the use of injectable fillers.

What Does a Non-Surgical Nose Do?

Your physician will examine your condition and design the treatment accordingly. Dermal fillers can correct the irregularities in your nose by filling in the depressions. Your physician will use filler in a way your needs are addressed which includes making the appearance of the dorsum straighter, nasal bridge raised and overall nose thinner and slimmer.

How is the Filler Injected?

The procedure will be designed by your physician after having a meeting with you. The treatment takes less than 15 minutes to be completed. Dermal fillers are injected through very fine and tiny tipped needles to avoid the appearance of bruises and scars. If the nasal bridge needs to be raised, then your physician will inject the filler into the area between the eyes, or where the depression needs to fill or balance the symmetry.

Does It Hurt?

A non-surgical nose job does not involve any significant pain. Treatment area will be numbed before the procedure starts so you don’t experience any pain associated with the injections. It does not require a general or local anesthetic but your physician may use a numbing cream or even ice.

Is it A Substitute to Traditional Nose Job?

The non-surgical nose can address the issues of depressions by adding volume or create an illusion of straighter and slimmer nose but if you want to change the complete appearance of your nose or you have functional issues like a deviated septum, then a surgical rhinoplasty is your way to go. The results of non-surgical nose job with dermal fillers are not permanent as a traditional rhinoplasty in Dubai.

What is the Downtime?

There’s no downtime or recovery period associated with a non-surgical rhinoplasty. The appearance of bruises is very rare. You will be able to continue your daily activities right after the treatment.

How Should I Prepare for the Non-surgical Nose Job?

Your physician will give you few instructions to follow before the treatment. Your surgeon is likely to prohibit you from lifting heavy objects and cardio.

How long will the Results Last?

The results of a non-surgical nose job can last up to 2 or more years. The results can be altered if you are not happy.

How to Choose a Physician?

It is a simple procedure but you must look for an experienced cosmetic doctor who understands the anatomy of your nose and the procedure very well. The success of your nose job will be highly dependent on the expertise of your doctor. Look for the most reputable doctor in the town on the internet or visit a well-recognized cosmetic clinic to choose the best doctor for you.

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