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The presence of extra fat in our body stems from a variety of reasons. There are many causes of fat deposits in our body including but not limited to eating too much and not exercising. Sometimes, we can burn fat through exercises. Sometimes, it is not possible to get rid of fat through exercise.

If you have excess deposits of fat in your body and you want to get rid of them but exercises are not delivering the results, you need not worry, because there are different methods to remove fat from those parts of the body where you are not able to get rid of extra fat.

Fat Removal Injections

There are many fat removal methods available. All of these treatments are safe and effective and offer obvious results. Some of these treatments are invasive and some are non-invasive treatments. A laser liposuction is an invasive fat removal treatment.

A fat removal injection is a non-invasive treatment that offers good results. A fat removal injection treatment in Dubai is famous for removing localized fat deposits. It is a simple treatment that does not take long to perform.

Fat Removal Injections in Dubai 

Different clinics in Dubai offer different fat removal treatments. One of the best fat removal injection treatments is offered by Dubai Cosmetic Surgery. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is one of the leading cosmetic surgery clinics in the UAE. It has a presence at five locations across the UAE.

They offer the best fat removal treatments in the UAE. There are some other fat removal options available. They offer different effective fat removal treatments such as Lipolysis, Mesotherapy, Laser Liposuction, and Radio Frequency Treatment to name a few.

Different techniques are used in fat removal injection therapy. Following are the two important techniques of fat removal injections treatments in Dubai;

  • Lipolysis for Fat Removal: Different medications are used in this technique. These medications include FDA approved drugs, vitamins, homeopathic drugs, and plant extracts. These medications are injected into fat under the skin in the targeted area. One session of this treatment might not bear good results. Repeated sessions of this treatment deliver the best results.
  • Mesotherapy for Fat Removal: A variety of FDA approved drugs, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and homeopathic drugs are used in this treatment technique. The combination of these components is injected into the fatty area in small quantities. This treatment technique is also excellent for cellulite removal which is lumpy fat that affects about 90% of the women in the world.

Free Consultation

If you are facing the extra fat problem you should also consider different fat removal methods in Dubai. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offers a free personalized consultation session tailored to your requirements with one of our fat removal experts. So feel free to sign up for a free personalized consultation with one of our fat removal expert today.

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