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Botox Vs Dysport – Which Is Better For Wrinkles?

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Botox in Dubai

Hopefully, you know about Botox treatment that it is an injectable that works by relaxing the specific muscles that lead your skin to develop wrinkles and frown lines. Allergan has made this treatment for more than 20 years. When it comes to the safety and efficacy, the treatment is highly safe and effective.

Hence, in 2009, a competitor of Botox has entered the market. FDA has also approved this treatment that is known as Dysport. A company named as Medicis has marketed this treatment. Earlier, this treatment was named as Reloxin.

Differences: Botox versus Dysport

Knowing the differences between Dysport and Botox allow you to get a clear idea regarding these treatments. In this way, it will be helpful for you to decide which one is better for wrinkles. Different discussions have been made among physicians regarding the differences and following are some of the variations that came out.

  • Botox is less drift and more accurate. On the other hand, Dysport is more drift but better for large areas that reduces its focus.
  • Botox has its effects for a long time period. Hence, Dysport doesn’t provide long-lasting effects but the results are fast.
  • The onset of Dysport is quick within 2 to 5 days, however, when it comes to Botox, it takes 4 to 7 days for the onset.
  • Botox injection contains more accessory protein due to which it is more likely to develop resistance. When it comes to Dysport, the effects are less due to less amount of protein.
  • FDA has approved Botox for crow’s feet and between the eyebrows but Dysport is approved only for the area between eyebrows.
  • Well, when it comes to customers’ satisfaction level the researches have been conducted in this regard. An online survey was conducted by the Allergan for knowing the satisfaction level for Botox and it revealed 95 percent. On the other hand, according to a peer-reviewed article, the customer satisfaction level for Dysport is also 95 percent.

Well, some of the physicians are really very happy as at last there is a competitor of Botox in the market. Hence, there is not much difference in the price. Furthermore, most of the people don’t want to try a new treatment and they go for the famous one. No doubt, Botox is the famous procedure regarding safety and effectivity, so most people still go for it.

Which One Should You Choose?

As you know all differences and facts regarding both treatments so now it should be your decision to know which treatment you need to get as per your desires. Furthermore, you should discuss it you’re your doctor. He will be better able to suggest you in this regard. Both of the treatments are effective when it comes to the treatment of wrinkles. However, you need to be careful while choosing your practitioner. You will get the best results only when he will be able to perform the treatment in an expert way. The skin of every person is different from the other so your doctor needs to be well-experienced so that he can provide you treatment as per your desire.

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