Botox Treatment for Bladder Problems

Botox Treatment for Bladder Problems

Botox has been known in the world of cosmetic treatments for quite a long time. It is a famous treatment used to treat a variety of problems. Also known as a wonder drug for aging, it has numerous other applications too and the treatment of bladder problems is one of them.

Today, we will discuss how Botox can be used to treat bladder problems. Continue reading to know more about it.

What is Botox?

Botox is the trade name for botulinum toxin A. It is commonly used to address wrinkles on the skin. It is also used to stop excessive sweating. The uses of this medication are increasing with the passage of time. This blog post discusses the use of Botox treatment for bladder problems.

Bladder Problem

The dermatologists use Botox injections to cure many issues. One of the important uses is treating bladder problems. Every person experiences different bladder problems. But, over-activity of the muscles of the bladder wall is a common condition among men and women.

This problem creates an urgent desire to pass urine which often leads to urinary leakage. Some experts suggest anticholinergic tablets and bladder training to solve this issue but these techniques often do not work. Botox treatment is an effective and safe option to try in such conditions.

Benefits of Botox Treatment

You may know the wonderful benefits of Botox for different skin and body problems. However, it has been found effective in treating the overactive bladder as well. By trying this option, the affected person will be able to avoid the urge to pass urine.

In most of the cases, the people who have this injection start seeing the results in three to four days. The effects of Botox injections will be long-lasting and the person will be able to enjoy the results for six to nine months.

What Treatment is Like?

The procedure is mostly performed under general anesthesia but local anesthesia is also used in some cases. The patient will have to stay at the clinic for a few hours after the treatment. You will be able to leave after the doctor has made sure you are feeling well.

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After the Treatment

The doctor will provide instructions for the patient to follow to get the best possible results. It is an outpatient treatment and the person will be able to continue the routine activities after having the Botox injection. The patient will have to visit the doctor after some time for an examination.

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