Botox Finally get Approved by FDA for Use in the Forehead Area

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Botox treatment has been approved by FDA for more than 15 years. The procedure was approved for treating crow’s feet and frown lines. Now, recently, the treatment is approved for treating forehead area.

According to the statement of MD Magazine, till now, Botox is the only treatment of its category which has got approval by FDA to treat forehead area. Above 6 million treatments are administered each year for treating different aesthetic issues, Botox is considered as one of the most utilized treatment methods in the field of cosmetic surgery.

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What Is Botox? How Does It Work?

Here, you may be curious about Botox treatment. It is essential to clarify what Botox treatment is and how does it work. Actually, Botox refers to a non-surgical treatment that is used for treating frown lines, wrinkles, and other related issues. Almost over 20 medical situations are dealt with it.

When Botox injections are injected into the skin, they block signals that muscles get from the nerves. The injected muscle may not in the contact of other muscles. In this way, the wrinkles can soften and relax. Usually, it is used on the crow’s feet (lines around your eyes), forehead lines, as well as frown lines. However, Botox is not effective for wrinkles that are formed due to gravity or excessive sun exposure.

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What Is Botox Used For?

Botox for forehead in Dubai/Abu Dhabi is used for shoulder and neck spasms, excessive sweating, chronic migraines, eyelid spasms, urinary incontinence, post-stroke limb issues, crossed eyes, frown lines, overactive bladder, crow’s feet, and hemifacial spasms. Now, it is also approved for fine lines and wrinkles on forehead.

Some of the doctors are making use of neurotoxin for some other situations such as fissures, overproduction of saliva, oromandibular dystonia, TMJ disorders, and other related issues. Actually, it is an interesting aspect in which its advantages were discovered. For example, people, who have to get treatment for their wrinkles but they also have headaches, then Botox injections are considered best for them.

Is Botox Safe?

In fact, toxin and bacterium are scary words but when these injections are injected by an expert doctor then obviously they are safe. In fact, the treatment doesn’t contain any side-effect, however, some potential side-effects may occur. Potential side-effects include mild swelling or bruising that fades away in 3-5 days after treatment.

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How many sessions are required?

Only one session isn’t enough to get best results. In fact, you need to get multiple sessions to maintain achieved results. Hence, there can be the pause of 5-7 months between each session.

Another aspect that you need to know is that the procedure doesn’t come with permanent results. Hence, the intensity and duration may vary from individual to individual but you need to get further sessions.



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