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11 Things Botox can Do Other than Relaxing Wrinkles

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Botox treatment in Dubai to make you youthful and relaxed

Botox has certainly been treated like Voldemort: Everyone knew its magical powers but nobody spoke about it.  Now things have changed and people discuss it publically. It sure is a wizard in the cosmetic industry. People assume that it’s a wrinkle relaxer but the magic doesn’t stop here. Here are a few of the things Botox can do for you;

  1. Manage acne

Yes, it can as it has the ability to curb the production of oil, eventually reducing breakouts. Injecting tiny amounts of Botox in your face can curb the production of your oil without giving you a frozen face.  The Botox is commonly injected on your forehead to help control the acne.

  1. Temporary facelift

Yes, you can get a temporary facelift via Botox. The Botox is injected at 8 points on your face to give it a lifted appearance but it will only last for a few months. It’s a good way to analyze how you will look like once you get the permanent facelift.

  1. Mimic a nose job

As you age, especially after you cross the 40-year-old mark. Your nose sags and sag and looks hooked, making your entire face appear droopy. It is also known as a non-surgical nose job and can be done in about 15 minutes. Yes, you heard it right.

  1. Soften your jawline and chin

You jawline can widen as you age. Injecting Botox can help to shrink the muscles and narrow down the jawline. The benefits don’t stop here. It will also give your cheeks a more lifted appearance making you look years you than you actually are.

  1. Tighten jowls

Botox treatment Dubai or elsewhere can define your jawline as well, making you have a sharper, more angular face that will look fab in photos.

  1. Lift your lips

Are you envious of Kylie Jenner lips? Well, guess what, fillers aren’t the only way to get big, juice and plumped up lips. You can ask your dermatologist for Botox and you will have wrinkle free and pouty lips.

  1. Smooth your neck

As we age, our neck adorns itself with horizontal lines. Luckily, it can be fixed via a Botox necklace. Tiny amounts of Botox is injected into the neck that will relax the muscles of the neck, leading to softened appearance.

  1. Youth-ify your décolleté

Going for Botox in Dubai injections into the pectoral muscles will help youthify your over all look. And trust me, it will look spectacular once you wear a low cut shirt.

  1. Stopping migraines

Botox in Dubai is not only used for cosmetic reasons but for medical reasons as well. Botox, if used for treating migraines, blocks the pain signals being sent to the brain and that it relaxes the muscles which treats migraines.

  1. Calm excessive sweating

If you experience excessive sweating and have gotten yourself into a number of embarrassing situations because of sweat marks, Botox has the potential to become your future best friend. Likewise, it works for muscles, Botox prevents the message of your nerves from getting to your sweat glands. As a result, your body doesn’t produce excessive sweat.

  1. Make blowouts last

Yes, really. As lame as it sounds, it’s true. Women who get Botox for their forehead for other reasons also reported that their heat styling lasts longer as their scalp doesn’t produce much sweat anymore.

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