Infographic : Nose Shapes you can get through Rhinoplasty

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Are you not happy with the shape of your nose and you want to reshape it? Rhinoplasty can help you with that, also known as nose reshaping can assist you in getting different types of nose shapes. Some of the nose shapes that are addressed by this procedure include Bulbous tip, an over sized nose, bumped nose, pointy nose, crooked nose, flat, and wide nose. There’s nothing wrong if you don’t like the current shape of your nose. The nose affects your whole face symmetry so you need to be careful about it. Well, thanks to the science and medical innovations that it is possible now to reshape your nose as per your desire and according to the symmetry of your face. Consult your doctor before making any decision as a suggestion of an expert is very important in this regard. Furthermore, you should select your surgeon with care and proper research. It’s better to hire a board-certified surgeon to get outstanding results.

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nose shapes infographic


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