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Top Five Apps for Health and Wellbeing

Top Five Apps for Health and Wellbeing

Would you not like to carry a personal trainer or a doctor in your pocket! You probably keep your phone with you wherever you go. There are number of apps available that can help you keep a check on your health and wellbeing. We have put together a list of some of the apps to help you watch your health.

Nike Training Club

This app is your personal trainer.  It allows you to choose individual or targeted workouts. Usually, a four-week workout plan is formed that will help you get a toned and stronger body. Detailed instructions and audio support is provided for your convenience. It keeps track of all your training and workout history within the app.

Lose It!

Name says it all, Lose it! This amazing app offers an all-inclusive weight loss program. You can keep track of your weight, food, calories and exercise as a journal within the app. You can share customized recipes and your exercise routines with your friends. You will be awarded with a badge whenever you complete a milestone.


It is a must have app. it has a barcode scanner which explains if something is nutritious for you or not. It gives a nutrition grade instantly ranging from A to D when a product’s barcode is scanned. It helps you make better choices so you eat healthier. You can also post your own review or analysis regarding a product.


Cardiograph is an amazing app that can monitor your heartbeat. The arterial changes on your fingertips are used to calculate the heart rate.


This is also one of the coolest health apps that helps in weight loss. Like Fudocate, it will provide the analysis of your food intake to keep you motivated for eating healthy. It keeps track of your daily water and calorie intake. It features more than five hundred exercises that you can try in your process to lose weight.

Symptoms Navigator

This app can help you understand the illness you might be suffering from by analysing the symptoms before you see a real doctor. You should always consult a doctor before it’s too late. But by putting in the symptoms you are experience, you will get an idea what you might be going through and which doctor you should consult.

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