Diet to Remove Belly Fat


Belly fat is not only genetically predisposed to always exist but aggravating that amount can lead to increased chances of cardiovascular diseases, lack of muscular tone, and obesity. Diet is a great tool to shave away that fat while keeping a healthy exercise regimen as well. It’s normal to have belly fat since it’s the location where the body stores necessary fat but due to hormonal and lifestyle changes the fat stores can exceed healthy limits and might become a problem.

How Belly Fat is Unhealthy?

People who attain the apple-shaped figure of a protruding tummy with excessive belly fat, face increased risks of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, and various strains of cancer.

Men are genetically predisposed to store more belly fat than women, who usually store it around the hips and thighs. This is why the rates of cardiovascular disease and strokes are higher in males than females. However, up until menopause women are safer from heart disease, after which belly fat begins to accumulate for them as well, making them highly susceptible to death from heart disease.

Diet is not Everything

While it is safe to say that hereditary factors contribute to belly fat as well but, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Regardless of race and biological setup, belly fat is directly proportional to an unhealthy lifestyle where the victim leads a sedentary life, consumes excess foods (mostly fast food, beverages, and excess alcohol) with high carbs and calorie content. By remaining physically active, you can play a major role in reducing belly fat while the increase in metabolism can be fulfilled with healthy nutrition.

Simply going on a diet that reduces belly fat without exercise means you have to keep doing it for a much longer time because the results will be quite slow and never optimal. Simply finding an activity that suits you and your preferences like hiking, cycling, swimming, and any simple sport can do you a lot of good with quicker results. Joining a club or support group can help with motivation and keep you in the loop of continuous activities.

One other important aspect of lifestyle is sleep. Sleep deprivation not only exhausts the mind, but it is among the main causes of weight gain. Even in sleep, we burn calories and those who get plenty of sleep at the right time, have their biological clock in tune making them less likely to gain weight as demonstrated by recent studies. Since it’s so closely related to the biological clock, sleep affects hunger and its opposite feeling of fullness. Metabolism is also directly related to the biological clock in that manner. People who don’t sleep enough are usually less active when they are awake. Stress also makes up a part of the whole belly fat gain picture. It’s not uncommon for stress to cause people to overeat thus affecting the diet.

Diet for removing Belly Fat

Everything is an acute calculated science when it comes to removing belly fat. If you happen to lose weight by dieting, exercise, and ample sleep, belly fat is usually the first to go. Below are some major food categories to help you with your diet and remove belly fat.

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Fiber-rich foods

Visceral fat is the fat that collects around and inside organs within the body. Eating just 10 grams of soluble fibrous foods can help reduce that fat over time. Fiber from plants and vegetables such as whole wheat grain, beans, green leafy vegetables, many kinds of fruits and vegetables that are eaten with their outer skin such as turnips can do the trick. Soluble fiber should be taken daily and if you are not used to it, introduce it steadily into your diet in order to avoid chronic flatulence and loose bowels. Water is necessary with this dietary supplement with 6-8 glasses a day being the normal standard for an adult. The fiber in plants helps digestion and reduces risks of colon cancer while acting as a tonic for your digestive system.

Foods Containing Protein

Protein is the building block of living things, tissues, and cells. It is especially essential to countless processes in the body. Because of its long-chain cellular composition, proteins take longer to digest, harder to break down, and also require extra energy. For 100 calories of protein, the body uses 30 calories to break it down, 12 calories for fat, and 7 for carbs. Eggs, lean meat, skimmed milk, dry fruits, nuts, fish, beans, peas, maize, wheat, broccoli, and various other vegetables are high in protein content. Seafood contains essential minerals whereas vegetables contain fibers and antioxidants and nuts are a great snack to satiate hunger between meals. The variety of healthy nutrition you can get out of protein-rich foods is remarkable. Proteins will always be up there on the top of the list of healthy diet regardless of what some schools of thought say about it.

Foods with High Water Content

The process with which these foods work involves filling up the stomach causing the dieter to receive brain signals that quench cravings. The majority of fruits and green vegetables come under this category. They are also high in minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients while being comparatively lower in calories such as watermelon. Other fruits such as oranges, apples, strawberries, guavas, tomatoes, and so on are good options. Vegetables such as cucumbers, radishes, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, okra, and eggplants contain antioxidants as well as fiber. They have a high amount of simple sugars that aren’t harmful to the body. Fruits and vegetables that are sweet can be eaten as healthy snacks. Add salads to your diet without excessive dressing in order to fill your stomach while not gaining fat.

Foods that Boost Metabolism

Some foods boost the eater’s metabolism and they do so due to the presence of certain chemicals that are present in minute quantities. Green tea for instance contains a complex chemical compound known as EGCG which causes weight loss by encouraging body heat and results in increased metabolism of body fat. Red hot chili pepper contains a compound called capsaicin that also boosts metabolism through the same process of increasing body heat. Vinegar is also known to contribute towards the further breaking down of fat molecules in the body. Since most foods that increase metabolism causing the body to heat up, they shouldn’t be ingested in large quantities. It is because some bodies are not used to being heated up. Make sure you have sufficient food and energy to go with them.

The road to belly fat loss is not a miracle event but rather a long road that should be undertaken with patience and motivation. Lifestyle change is the key behind long-term achievement in burning away belly fat. You have foods to avoid, foods to eat, and keep exercise hand in hand whilst substance usage goes to a controlled minimum. If you are thinking that a cosmetic procedure can solve your problems then visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. You can send in your details via a short form and receive a free consultation with an expert who can guide you.