Why Stem Cell FUE is Better than Robotic Hair Transplantation

Stem Cell FUE is Better than Robotic Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant has become a popular treatment in today’s world. Many clinics in the UAE are now offering or planning to provide hair transplant surgery. As hair transplant is becoming popular, its different techniques, such as FUE and Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant, are also gaining popularity. The UAE market recently welcomed the Robotic method of hair transplant, and most hair transplant patients are wondering if it is better than Stem Cell FUE or not.

Since it is a primary concern of people so we have decided to highlight the differences between these two methods of hair treatment, and we will let you be the judge of it.

Stem Cell FUE vs. Robotic Hair Transplant

We will compare these two treatments based on a few parameters mentioned below:


The robotic hair transplant system is more expensive, without any doubt. 2500 grafts will cost you around AED 45,000. On the other hand, the same number of grafts with Stem Cell FUE will start from AED 15,000 only. It is a reasonable cost considering the AED 30,000 difference.

Success Rate

With Stem Cell FUE, 100% hair growth success is guaranteed, while the robotic method of hair transplantation gives only an 80% success rate. If you are still not convinced, take a look at the next point.

Gauge Needle Size

The Robotic system uses the 1.2 mm sized needle, while stem cell FUE uses a 0.6 mm needle. By now, you would be wondering what’s the big deal with the needle size. Well, a bigger sized needle, like the one used by the Robotics, will damage the donor area, meaning the wounds created will take longer to heal. With the 0.6 mm sized needle, the micro-wounds are minimal, meaning faster healing of the donor area.

Large Grafts

A larger gauge needle means large grafts. Not only does this damage the donor area as we mentioned above, but it also causes shock loss of the native hair. It means that since the grafts are large when implanted on the target area, chances are you will lose the remaining hair in that area because the wound created is as big as the graft. On the other hand, Stem Cell FUE harvests micro grafts with the 0.6mm gauge needle, which means minimal shock loss of the native hair, if any.

Natural results and Hair Line

Stem Cell FUE guarantees natural results mostly due to the size of the grafts implanted and the minimal shock loss. With a Robotic Hair Transplant, the results look very unnatural, and people around you can tell that you had a hair transplant surgery due to the huge hair grafts.

Hair Density

Since Stem Cell FUE uses micro-grafting, more grafts can be harvested and implanted on the targeted area, i.e., 3000+ grafts. It creates more density in the recipient area and the donor area, which was left undamaged. With robotics, only 2500 grafts can be harvested and implanted at one time. It is in addition to the shock loss and the larger grafts, which means the density of the implanted grafts will be very minimal. Instead of looking natural, your new hairs will most likely look like implanted hair plugs, not to mention the damaged donor area, which will not re-grow back to 100% density.

The Surgeon’s Expertise

We all know that machines are only as good as the operator. If the person operating that robotic hair transplantation system is not great and uses the old-fashioned way of hair transplant, then the machine will not produce different results. The results will always be as good as the operator. But since Stem Cell FUE is all about that personal touch, the hair transplant surgeons ensure all grafts are harvested and implanted with perfection.

Now you have a clear picture, and you can easily judge the difference between the two treatments. Still, you should consult with a doctor because only he can suggest the best-suited treatment for you. The problem of hair loss varies from person to person. Therefore, expert opinion matters a lot, and for that, you can reach out to Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. World-famous hair transplant surgeons are part of this clinic. If you have any questions regarding the Stem Cell FUE method of hair transplant, you can visit the clinic and have a detailed session with the doctor.