Acell PRP And Its Advantages For Hair?

Acell PRP

Several advancements have been made in the hair restoration techniques till now. These modifications have made it easier for the people to get rid of hair thinning, hair loss and balding problems. Hair loss is a common condition among men and women. However, men are more prone to complete or pattern baldness. Techniques like hair transplantation have proven to be quite effective hair restoration methods. But being a surgical procedure, many people hesitate to undergo it. 

Considering this factor, a new hair restoration technique has been introduced which is known as Acell/PRP treatment. It is a non-surgical procedure that effectively fights hair thinning and balding. Many people are not aware about this treatment and the advantages it offers. Therefore, we have decided to enlighten our readers about the revolutionary Acell/PRP therapy for hair restoration. 

What is Acell/PRP?

Acell/PRP treatment is basically a combination of two techniques i.e. Acell therapy and PRP therapy. Both these technologies are combined to revive the miniaturized hair follicles, promote the growth of hair and thicken the existing hair. It is suitable for both men and women and is preferable for individuals who do not want to go under the knife to restore their lost hair. 

In-depth Analysis of Acell/PRP Technology 

As we mentioned earlier, Acell/PRP is a blend of two technologies and offers the advantages of both Acell therapy and PRP therapy. So, let’s explore this amazing technology in detail.

Acell Therapy:  It heals the damaged tissues which is necessary to get a healthy scalp with improved hair growth. A naturally existing matrix of proteins is used in this technique to revive the hair follicles. 

PRP Therapy: Platelet-rich plasma therapy involves injecting thick nutrient plasma into the scalp. This plasma promotes the hair growth and thickens the hair. 

When both these techniques are combined, you get the most effective results with a head full of thicker hair.

How is Acell/PRP performed?

It takes approximately 90 minutes to an hour to complete the procedure. The treatment is performed in the following manner;

  • First of all, a blood sample is taken for the patient’s body. 
  • This blood sample is then centrifuged to produce platelet-rich-plasma PRP.
  • In the next step, local anesthesia is administered into the scalp so that you do not feel any discomfort.
  • The PRP obtained in the second step is mixed with a matrix of proteins also known as Acell MatriStem. 
  • This mixture of PRP and Acell matriStem is injected into the scalp and the affected areas of scalp in a series of injections. 
  • Lastly, the scalp is massaged gently so that the mixture is evenly distributed. 

What are the advantages of Acell/PRP treatment?

Acell/PRP offers unlimited advantages for hair which include;

  • It is a non-surgical technique that does not involve any cutting or stitches.
  • It gives you a head full of thicker hair permanently. 
  • It does not involve any downtime and has a short recovery period. 
  • It is less expensive as compared to surgical hair restoration methods.
  • It does not produce any scarring. 
  • It is suitable for both men and women.
  • It is not as painful as hair transplant.
  • You do not require constant maintenance for the hairs that grow after acell/prp treatment.

Is Acell/PRP suitable for you?

You should not opt for any treatment without consulting with an expert. Only a qualified surgeon can tell you whether acell/prp is suitable for you or not. Upon examining your scalp condition, he/she will suggest you the best suitable treatment. The candidates who cannot undergo hair transplant are mostly referred to for acell/prp treatment. 


Acell/PRP treatment is undoubtedly an amazing alternative to hair transplant surgery because it serves the same purpose. Also, it offers the same advantages as that of hair transplant but without any cutting. If you are interested in getting non-surgical Acell/PRP treatment, you should visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. We have a team of expert dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons who can diagnose and treat your problem effectively. 

Moreover, we are well-equipped and have highly trained staff to take care of you. You should not worry about your safety during the treatment because it is an utmost concern for our doctors. We offer a free initial consultation to all the interested patients so that they can share their concerns without any hesitation. You can book an appointment by filling the form given below and one of our staff members will get back to you.