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What are the Steps of Hair Transplant Surgery?

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Hair Transplant Surgery

Are you planning to have a hair transplant but do not know how exactly it works? Well, you have landed on the right spot, because here we take you through the entire FUE hair transplant procedure step by step. Check it out peeps!

1.      Consulting for your Baldness

Your journey to a fuller and hairier head begins with a consultation with a qualified hair transplant surgeon.

Your doctor will first examine your scalp and hair and then suggest a solution accordingly. If both of you agree on the procedure, you’ll be required to go through some paperwork, including the post-operation care so that you have a clear understanding of what is going to happen.

hair transplant infographicNext, he’ll take photographs of your head from different angles to define a hairline, and give you a blueprint of what your final look is going to be like. You have to keep your expectations real here and suggest any changes you want until you have arrived on a perfect hairline design.

2.      FUE Hair Follicular Harvest

The actual process of hair transplantation is very convenient and painless, and most patients watch TV or nap through the procedure.

The surgery begins with the physician marking the donor and recipient areas and applying local anesthesia. The donor area is usually the back of the head which is resistant to baldness. The extraction is performed via millimetric surgical instruments called ‘punches’, which have very sharp edges. After being cut with a punch, the follicular units are removed from the scalp using fine forceps.


A number of follicular units extracted are usually between 1000 and 2000, depending on a patient to patient. This could mean new hair growth between 2200 and 6000.

The extracted follicular units are placed in a specific solution at a particular temperature to ensure their survival before being implanted in the recipient area.

3.      FUE Hair Transplant

Once enough follicular units have been extracted, the recipient area is prepared for implantation.

The physician begins by applying local anesthesia to the recipient site and makes micro-orifices where the follicular units will be implanted. These incisions are carefully made in the scalp with extremely fine needles. A precision instrument called implanter is then used to implant the follicular units one by one into the incisions.

There are several kinds of implanters available, which are used according to the quantity of hair in each follicular unit. Usually, follicular units with just one hair require more precise implanters, whereas those with more hair can use higher diameter implanters.

4.      Fuller Hair after 6 Months

The tiny graft incisions heal quickly and most of the redness and scabbing clears up in about a week’s time. Most of your transplanted hair will start falling off after the third week, leaving only their roots in the scalp. From these roots, new hair begins to grow after about 3 months. By the sixth month, you’ll have a much denser and hairier head, and probably a new level of self-confidence too!

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