Ways to Fix your Patchy Beard Easily

Fix Patchy beard

Every man who wants to grow a beard aims to have a luscious and full beard. However, every person is not blessed with that perfect beard growth. Many men have a patchy beard and they want to fix it as soon as possible to enhance their aesthetic appearance. You will be glad to know that there are many ways to fix your patchy beard easily. 

Below we will discuss all the essential tips to make your beard look fuller and thicker. In addition to this, we will also suggest some ways to stimulate the growth of your beard hair. So, continue reading and don’t miss any of these solutions if you want to make your beard look fuller en masse.

Tips to Fix Your Patchy Beard

Here, we will mention some tricks that give an illusion of a full beard. Some of the major tips include;

  • Let the beard grow 
  • Keep a short beard 
  • Apply beard oil
  • Make use of beard balm 
  • Brush your beard  

All of these patchy beard solutions will help you in enhancing the appearance of your whiskers.

Let the Beard Grow

The primary solution of a patchy beard is to let it grow without trimming it. You should wait for at least a month to determine the direction of hair growth and to see where the patchy areas are formed. Staying patient with your beard is the key. After a month, trim your cheek and jawline area for neatness and keep on letting your beard hair grow. As your beard grows longer, the patches will hide under the rest of your beard bush.

Keep a short beard 

You can fix your patchy beard by keeping it short. Trim the beard and keep a beard stubble. In this way, your patchiness will not become visible and stubble will give a natural look of short beard hair. 

Apply Beard Growth Oil 

It is necessary to take good care of your facial hair if you want to get rid of patchy spots in your beard. For this purpose, apply beard growth oil because it tames the itchiness and keeps your beard moisturized and soft. A variety of oils are available in the market but castor oil is the best option. The advantages of castor oil for beard growth are amazing. It promotes the growth of new hair and keeps your hair follicles healthy which is essential to make your beard look full. 

Make use of beard balm 

Beard balm is among the best beard growth products that help facial hair to grow in your desired direction. It has a higher-hold on your beard hair and easily controls the stubborn hair. It is preferable to use beard balms during the day. By applying the balm onto facial hair with fingers, you can fix your patchy beard. 

Brush your beard 

By brushing your beard regularly, you can cover up the patchy areas. Brush your beard hair downwards and use a bristle brush for this purpose. A beard brush will distribute the natural oils in the beard that are usually collected at the shaft. However, do not irritate the skin while brushing. Be firm enough to disrupt the equilibrium of the pesky hair. 

Remedies to Stimulate Beard Growth? 

Up till now, we have discussed ways to deal with a patchy beard but now we will provide you with some remedies to increase beard hair growth. Let’s have a look at some of the effective solutions to make a patchy beard thicker.

  • Improve your diet
  • Use minoxidil for beard growth 
  • Consider beard transplant 

Improve your diet

Eat well and maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Include a sufficient amount of biotin in your diet by eating eggs, avocados, legumes, and chocolates. Milk is also a good source of biotin which makes your hair grow thicker. Also, consume sunflower seeds, mushrooms, beef, and fish because they are rich in niacin that stops hair from falling out or becoming brittle. By making these changes in your diet, you will observe a positive change in your beard hair growth. 

Along with an improved diet, getting more sleep and exercising regularly will also help you in stimulating beard growth. 

Use Minoxidil for beard growth 

Minoxidil commonly known as Rogaine is often used by men to increase the strength and thickness of their scalp hair. It has shown great results for hair thinning and hair loss problems. You can consult with an expert and use minoxidil for your beard hair growth too. It will increase the blood flow to the hair and will improve the nutrient delivery to each hair follicle. As a result, your beard hair will become thicker and stronger. Minoxidil also stops hair follicles from dying or withering away quickly. Thus, it is an effective solution for the patchy beard but you need to take an expert device from a dermatologist before using it on the beard.

Consider Beard Transplant 

If you want a quick, effective and permanent solution to your patchy beard, opt for a beard transplant. It works and gives natural-looking results. The thicker hair from the back of your scalp is harvested and transplanted to the patchy areas of your beard. Consult with a dermatologist and he/she will guide you better regarding your eligibility for the treatment. 


Every beard is perfect and should be embraced as it is. However, if you want to fix your patchy beard then it is completely a matter of your personal choice. You can adopt the above-mentioned ways to fix your patchy areas or you can get a beard transplant treatment from a reputable clinic. It will help you in regaining a full beard which is a symbol of manhood.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is offering all kinds of hair transplant procedures. Our hair transplant experts will examine your patchiness before suggesting you the best suitable beard hair growth solution. All you have to do is fill in the consultation form given below and get your appointment booked. We offer a free consultation to all our prospective patients so that they can easily share their concerns with our experts.