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Hair Loss

Hair loss is very common problem and everyone including male and female both are suffering from this problem. For men, besides hair loss in the scalp, hair fall in beard is also a common problem and a large number of men want a permanent and effective method to grow hair in the beard. When it comes to natural remedies for hair loss treatment, amla is a well known name but it also fact that it is not suitable for all the cases of baldness and hair loss in beard. Here you will come to know about tips of using amla for baldness and permanent method to grow hair in beard – beard transplanting uae.

Amla can be used in various ways as the remedy of hair loss. Below given are five tips about using amla that are useful and beneficial as hair loss treatment.

  • Use of amla oil is the more common use of amla as hair loss treatment. There is long history of using amla oil for hair and scalp problems. Amla oil is applied on the hair after shampooing and is rinsed after some period of time and sometimes for better results it is left over night and is washed in morning.
  • Besides use of amla oil, amla powder can also be used as hair loss treatment. Amla extracts are available in the form of powder and amla in this powdered form is also beneficial. Amla powder is used by mixing it in warm water and applying this paste on hair.
  • If you want some easy use of amla as hair loss treatment, amla shampoo is best option. It is simple and easy to use and is also beneficial.
  • If you add amla in your diet, it also improves your skin and hair. Amla can be added in diet in the form of juice, pickle or in boiled form.
  • The most beneficial use of amla as hair loss treatment is applying it on the skin directly that can be done by applying juice on scalp.

All the above tips of using amla as hair loss treatment is are effective and beneficial but only for the scalp. For some men – as mentioned earlier – hair loss in beard is also a big problem and you can’t go for natural remedies and other methods for this purpose. Furthermore amla is no doubt quite beneficial for hair loss in the scalp but not for all the cases of hair loss or baldness. Most of the people want a quick and permanent solution for hair loss and it is none other than hair transplant. But we are talking about the scalp only, what about those men who desire to get grow in the beard. If you are one of the men who are interested in growing hair in the beard area, you can go for it in Dubai at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery (beard transplanting uae).

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