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The Growing Demand for Hair Transplantation

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In past few years, clinics and hair transplant specialists report large increase in the procedures of hair transplant and number of enquires about it. More and more men and rapidly increasing number of women are seeking treatments for a number of types of hair loss. In start, hair loss is considered a normal condition but sometimes it results in baldness and hair transplantation is the only perfect solution to this problem. People – particularly men – are now becoming well aware of benefits and results of hair transplants.

Due to the growing demand of procedure, Hair transplants are available all over the world but most of the people try to have hair transplant in Dubai because of its popularity for cosmetic surgeries and treatments. Here you will come to know about the factors that become the reason of popularity of hair transplantation.

The best thing about hair transplantation is that it gives the most effective and permanent results. In this procedure, hair grafts are produced from area having denser hair and are transplanted to bald area where they start their natural growth. This procedure gives natural looking results.

Another reason behind the popularity of the procedure is that this procedure is also effective for other areas of body besides scalp like eyebrows and eyelashes. Hair transplant gives effective results in both the cases, either it is for baldness occurred naturally or the one occurred as a result of some accident or burn. In case of eyelashes and eyebrows, some people have less hair on these areas naturally and some lose them as a result of some accident, hair transplant works in both the cases.

Two main techniques are used for hair transplant that are Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Previously FUT was introduced that is invasive and leaves linear scar behind at the donor area that requires time for healing and proper recovery. In this procedure, strip of scalp is taken from donor area, which is then separated in small grafts. Then FUE was introduced that is less invasive and requires less time for recovery. Small incisions are made during this procedure and this is the reason that it does not leave visible scars. After Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) was introduced, the procedure of hair transplant became more popular and demanded.

You can undergo both types of procedures of hair transplant in Dubai as it is becoming quite famous for cosmetic procedures but when it comes to seek the best option for you; it becomes quite difficult and time taking. You go for the procedure after having detailed consultation with hair transplant specialist and discussing all your concerns but still you need to find out reputable clinics. There are a number of clinics offering hair transplant in Dubai but Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is among the most reliable ones offering services of highly experienced hair transplant specialists.

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