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Success Rate of Different Hair Transplant Types

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Hair Transplant in Dubai

Hair transplant is a surgical process involving the removal of hair follicles from any site on the body and planting them on the hairless portion. It is also used in transplanting the eyebrows and lashes. Hair loss affects millions of women and men and it is caused by either age, genetics or changing hormones. Getting a hair transplant restores self-confidence.

When a hair transplant procedure is performed properly the success rate is quite high. Hair transplants have been around since the 1950s and the technology keeps getting better.

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There are two most popular types of hair transplants;

  1. Follicular unit strip surgery FUSS

  2. Follicular unit extraction FUE

FUSS which is also known as strip harvesting a long strip of skin of about six to ten inches long is taken from the back of the scalp and divided into tiny grafts. The grafts are then placed in the area where more hair is needed.

When FUE is used, hair follicles are harvested one at a time which are then delicately placed where the hair is needed. The FUE process takes hours and sometimes additional procedures may be required to obtain the desired results. Minor bleeding and occasional inflammation may occur as well as infection of the hair follicles which can be easily treated with antibiotics. During FUE there are no sutures and no cutting hence no scarring.

The success rate of a hair transplant depends mainly on the quality of the donor hair, number of available hair follicles and their visibility as well as the skill of the surgeon the patients expectations. Also affect the overall results. The more hair you have on your body the greater the chance of a successful hair transplant and vice versa. The hair texture and color  95%-98% of the grafts successfully grow hair. The new hair transplants fall out after about two to three weeks and new growth begins after a month or two. Most patients grow about 60% of new hair after 6-9 months. Hair grows an average of about half an inch monthly. The only risk is that some grafts won’t ‘take’. It is quite common for some patients to undergo another touch up procedure which creates a more natural look.

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Carefully consider the options available before settling on a hair loss treatment so you can decide which treatment would work best for you. It is important to have a qualified, certified professional perform your hair transplant.

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