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Stopping a Receding Hairline Before it Gets too Far

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Stopping a Receding Hairline

Any form of hair loss,including a receding hairline, can lead to a loss in confidence, no matter how minuscule it may sound compared to other forms of hair loss and hair thinning.

A receding hairline is more associated with men more than women through the pattern which the hair loss follows. This is when the hair starts thinning and receding from the front;leaving a lot of thick and healthy hair at the rear. Actually, this is the reason why during a hair transplant procedure, the surgeon harvests the implanted hair from the back side.

Anyway, back to topic, the moment you start noticing a receding hairline, then you should realise that you are facing potential hair loss. But sometimes there is no need to worry, because this phenomenon can be contained in several ways.

Less stress:
Since stress is one of the ways that accelerates loss of hair, it is important to stop it on its tracks before you end up with an entire head that is lacking in hair. So if you want that hair line to stop receding at the rate in which it is doing, do something about your stress levels like exercising, and start enjoying a stress free life.

Balanced diet:
Just in case your diet lacks all the essential vitamins and fatty acids, you better spruce it up because that might be the key to restoring your hairline. There are some nutrients in your diet like omega 3 fatty acids that give you strong and healthy hair. So if you go AWOL on them, you should as well say goodbye to a full head of hair.

Mild hair products:
Some hair products e.g. shampoo and conditioners contain elements which can easily affect the health of the follicles leading to hair loss. These harsh ingredients include silicone sand sodium lauryl sulfate just to name but a few. Next time you are out buying your hair regimen, look out for the harsh stuff and avoid them.

See your doctor:
Sometimes a receding hairline is a sign of bigger things within your health status. So the moment you notice that hairline running towards the back of your head, it is time to dig out your doctor’s business card and book an appointment. You never know because the only thing you might end up needing are just mere supplements and you have your hairline back as it was.

Hair Transplant:
Last but not least, getting a good hair transplant is also another option of slowing down or stopping a receding hair line. With hair transplant at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, the surgeon will harvest hair follicles from the back of your head and implant it next to the native hair, along your hairline.

At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we have different hair restoration techniques including Stem Cell FUE, which is currently the leading technique because of its less-invasive nature, with little downtime and a guarantee of natural and permanent results.

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