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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) For Hair Restoration

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Getting beautiful and strong hair is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, hair fall is a hinder in achieving this dream. Hair loss is not the latest issue, in fact, people are facing this problem for ages. When a problem occurs then human being start to find its solution. This also happens with hair loss. In the olden times, people considered it as a punishment so they try to hide it from others. With the passage of time, people got to know that actually, this is a problem that may occur due to the biological or environmental cause. After that, they started to solve it by using home remedies. Different treatment methods occur with the passage of time. These methods include both surgical and non-surgical methods. Both of these methods are in the fame due to their effectiveness. Well, if you don’t want to go under the knife for hair restoration, also you are not partially bald but start to lose an excessive amount of hair then the non-surgical method will be best for you. PRP is the most used non-surgical method for hair restoration nowadays.

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What Is PRP?

PRP refers to a non-surgical treatment for hair restoration in which your own blood is used to treat the problem. A small amount of your blood is taken and centrifuged. The process of centrifuging is performed to separate plasma and platelets from your blood. After that, the gathered plasma is injected into the specific area of your scalp where treatment is required.

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Knowing Candidacy Is Important

You must know if you are a good candidate for getting PPR treatment or not. There is the possibility that PRP is not a solution for you if you have genetic reasons for baldness or you are bald from the most area of your scalp. Hence, if you have the receding hairline or you want to improve the existing hair. Keep in mind, this procedure doesn’t allow the regrowth of your hair but maintains the existing hair on your scalp.

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How Many Sessions Are Required?

You may consider that only one session is enough to get the results but this is not the matter. You need to get the multiple sessions in order to get best and observable results. According to an estimate, 3-6 sessions are required on the basis of the condition of your scalp, cause of the hair loss, and the pattern of your hair growth.

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Are The Results Long Lasting?

No the results of this treatment are not long-lasting. You need to get the session after a specific period of time to maintain the results. Hence, the method is beneficial in many ways as you don’t need to go through the surgical method, you can increase the volume of your hair, you can maintain your hairline, and many more. It helps you to fight with hair fall by providing strength to your hair.

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