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PRP-ACell Injections with Hair Transplant

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PRP-ACell Injections with Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Surgery has been successfully helping people grow hair on their bald thatches for more than six decades now. Recently, a new treatment “PRP-ACell Therapy” has been introduced to help hair loss patients in growing thicker and denser heads of hair. The treatment has been of tremendous success for people with significant hair thinning, but it does not do much when tried on patients with shining bare scalps. To help people struggling with baldness, Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic has developed a new treatment in which this injection therapy is combined with surgical hair restoration. Wondering how? Continue reading to know PRP-ACell Injections with Hair Transplant is performed.

Shortcomings of Hair Transplant:

A hair transplant surgery is without any doubt the best standalone treatment for baldness. But the fact is that not all transplanted hair follicles survive. Graft survival rate in case of FUE hair Transplant is particularly low with about 30% of the follicular grafts not growing hair. It is either due to transection of follicles or because the roots of the donor grafts get damaged during extraction. And even after that, the number of grafts that potentially heal and grow new hair drops down to 50%. During the extraction and transplantation phase, some of the healthy hairs get traumatized, resulting in collateral loss.

How PRP-ACell Injections help overcome shortcomings of Hair Transplant:

Now, with the advent of PRP-ACell Injections, these shortcomings of hair transplant surgery can be effectively addressed. Patients are injected with PRP-ACell shots within three months after hair transplant. When administered into the scalp during the healing phase, ACell’s Extracellular Matrix and the growth factors present in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) help the grafts to grow to their fullest, especially if you have undergone FUE hair transplant. PRP-ACell mixture heals those damaged grafts and protects and thickens those at a risk of thinning.

PRP-ACell Injections with Hair Transplant now provide you with an opportunity to not only save your existing healthy hair (from shock loss) but also allow you to maximize the survivability of the grafts. Since ACell’s MatriStem has the ability to repair and remodel damaged skin tissues, it also helps speed up the recovery process after hair transplant surgery.


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