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PRP & A-Cell Injections with Hair Transplant

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PRP & A-Cell Injections with Hair Transplant

Hair transplant and restoration techniques by surgery have been around since a while and have been continuously treating people with balding problems for over six decades now. The evolution in treatment techniques have improved greatly, allowing for newer and smarter more effective methods to replace the old making hair restoration more efficient by such instances of robotic hair transplant, non-invasive PRP & A-Cell injections and other methods. PRP and A-Cell injections can be combined with hair transplant surgery for improved results and for growing thicker and denser hair that is better in quality. The treatment acts a nourishment technique for the treatment of hair thinning and not for balding people. For people who have shiny naked scalps, it is not a preferred procedure but combined with hair transplant surgery it can lead to immensely satisfactory and efficient results. You can learn more about rapid hair restoration through the combined techniques of PRP A-Cell injections with hair transplant in the following post.

Why Hair Transplant is not Enough

Hair transplant surgery without a doubt with all its diverse aspects and compatibility with patients of various hair type and color is currently a balding person’s best choice for hair restoration since the results are permanent and in most cases achieved without problem. But there is also a list of cons with the pros that come with cosmetic surgery for the hair. One such aspect is that not all hair grafted hair follicle survive implantation. Graft survival rate with FUW – which is the most used and satisfactory technique of hair transplant – is around 70% in the best cases with the remainder not surviving the procedure of extraction, dissection and implantation in the prepared environment. Reasons are that during dissection hair follicles can be damaged or even during extraction. Even after the grafts have been transplanted into eh recipient sites there is another chance of them not adapting and failing to heal and grow which is at a measured of up to 50%. These survival complications have been greatly minimized with the recent addition of robotic hair transplant that automates the process of extraction and implantation of grafts to ensure more healthy hair are implanted but it is a costly procedure afforded only by few. Traditional hair transplant techniques involve collateral damage of the grafts.

A Cell Injections

A Cell is a contemporary innovation that involves stem cell therapy using specifically synthesized animal protein for the treatment of body regenerating tissue. It has been widely used for trauma injuries such as burns, cuts, loss of tissue due to inflammation, surgery and various sorts of ulcers. It is highly absorbable extracellular matrix plentifully abundant in collagens and proteins needed for some regenerating processes. Its primary function is to act as an epithelial foundation membrane that the body takes up in wound healing. Over many decades doctors all over the world have been using for various medical applications mostly involving healing process to improve on results after extensive major surgery. But it was only in the recent years that surgeons developed another application for it in the ACell treatment for enhancing surgical hair restoration.

PRP Injections

PRP short for Platelet Rich Plasma is simply a serum extracted from the patient’s own blood through a simple centrifugal technique. Contents of the serum derived from such method consists of highly enriched components essential for growth that aid dissected hair follicles to take up root and regenerating for accelerated hair growth. A slight volume of blood is collected from the patient and using special apparatus is strained concentrate platelets in rich plasma that exists within our blood. Under the numbing effects of local anesthesia PRP injections injected into the treatment area on the scalp can give boost to stem cells and accelerate reproductive as well as regenerative processes for combating hair recession.

Conditions Treatable by PRP Injection

Acell PRP hair transplant therapy can treat numerous types of hair loss symptoms and conditions.

  • Male and Female Hereditary Balding – Early diagnosis of androgenic alopecia in both men and women can be efficiently treated with this treatment.
  • Hypotrichosis – It is the thinning or degeneration of facial hairs that can be reduced via PRP sessions.
  • Alopecia Areata – An automunity disorder of the body where white blood cells would consume hair follicles is another condition treatable by PRP therapy once the cause of disorder is addressed.
  • Hair Loss due to Deficiency – Used as a recuperative therapy to people suffering from nutritional deficiencies resulting in hair loss with PRP treatment.

PRP and A Cell with Hair Transplant Procedure

The combined effect of A-Cell and PRP therapy is an FDA approved and effective hair restoration treatment practiced widely in Dubai as much as it is all over the world. A mixture of A Cell and PRP derived from the patient themselves can be administered into the surface area of the scalp with a specialized punch injection device for strengthening the microscopic hair follicles grafts that stimulate matured stem cells within tissue needed for healing and regeneration factors.

Boosted with robust growth factors the recovery process can work beautifully well with post-operative hair transplant surgery patients. In the ingested extracellular scaffold of A Cell fortified with proteins and collagens natural stimulation of healing processes are influenced when combined with PRP ensuring healthy growth and regeneration of newly implanted hair follicle to heal in a new environment. A Cell is a powdered compound that when dissolved in platelet Rich Plasma can provide focused effects to recipient and donor sites – which leave scars too – that are made in any hair transplant procedure. Hair has been attempted to be restored to the scarred (or linear scarred) donor area where follicular units (sometimes with strip harvesting technique) are extracted.

A surgeon’s most common three methods for orthodox and contemporary hair transplant are the Strip Transplant method, Follicular Unit Extraction and Stem Cell FUE. Subcutaneous layered tissue is rejuvenated with PRP A-Cell hair restoration injection directly into the roots of hair follicles.

Pre Operative Care

PRP A-Cell therapy is a non-invasive standalone procedure that requires only generalized pre-operative care. But for PRP A-Cell with hair transplant surgery the surgeon will provide with a detailed list of do’s and don’ts after evaluating and determining the patient’s lifestyle, medical history and medication facts. The following are some generalized tips for pre-operative care in this case.

  • Blood thinners and aspiring should be avoided for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery.
  • Smoking should be abstained from for a minimum of 4 weeks before as well as after surgery since it impairs the healing processes.
  • Alcohol and drugs should be cleared from the system before treatment and levels must be maintained so post-operatively until recovery has been stabilized.
  • Hydrate yourself properly on the night before and the morning after waking up on the day of surgery.
  • Make sure your clothes are comfortable on the day of surgery. Plus you should ensure a clean your scalp and hair by washing them with anti-bacterial soap before going in for surgery,

Post Operative Care

The surgeon will best provide you the post-operative prescriptions and tips on recovering after surgery. With the accelerated healing gained through PRP A-Cell with hair transplant procedure the patient can recover quicker by following the right regimen as well as going for all the necessary check-ups afterwards.


Results from the combined techniques are incredibly satisfactory for both the patient and the surgeon as reported so far with the overwhelming majority of patients. Hair thickness, volume and quality is notably improved only six months post-operatively. A standalone hair transplant procedure would require at least a year for the same outcome. By actively eliminating hair recession and aiding in the growth and adaptation of new follicular growth the results mean that lesser maintenance is needed and decreased chances of negative outcome is ensured.

Even in the long-run PRP A-Cell serum can continue to fight hair loss and boost the body’s natural growth processes through periodical sessions.

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