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New Findings: Female Pattern Hair Loss & PRP

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Platelet Rich Plasma or also known as PRP is a substance used to promote healing in the injected area. Plasma is a component of blood that contains factors such as proteins which are very important in blood clot as well as the growth of cells. The PRP is produced from the blood of a person. The procedure is a new one and it helps the body in making new cells or speeds up the healing. PRP treatment for hair loss in Dubai is a very effective technique to increase the density of hair.

How does the PRP work?

Platelets are blood cells and play many roles in a person’s body. The first role of platelets is to clot blood. After a cut, they help in stopping the bleeding. They also contain proteins and these proteins are used to heal the wound.

Due to these characteristics of platelets researchers theorized that if the area with high tissue damage or inflation is injected with the high amount of platelet then it will help in healing the wound.

The process of PRP injection

The steps followed for the preparation of PRP injection are the following:

In this procedure, a doctor or health care professional will draw the blood from your body. The amount of blood taken will depend upon the use and need for PRP injection. The amount of blood taken will also depend on the area where it would be used.

After that, the blood is placed into a centrifuge which is a machine that rotates very quickly. This quick rotation causes the blood to separate into a different layer. The separation takes 15 minutes to be completed.

The doctor or specialist will take the separated plasma and prepare it to be injected in the area of treatment.

Imaging instrument such as ultrasound is also used so that they could identify the precise location for injection. After identifying the exact location PRP will be injected into it.

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Recovery Time of PRP

PRP is an outpatient procedure and most people can return to their daily activity after the procedure. The PRP injection is used to promote the growth of cell and healing. You might notice the difference right after the procedure. After the procedure, you will see faster hair growth compared to your hair growth before the surgery.


PRP Treatment for Hair Loss in Dubai is a very effective technique for hair loss. If it is injected into the scalp of a person then it can greatly increase the hair density of that person.

The blood used in the procedure is taken from the patient’s own body so there are no lasting side effects of the procedure.

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