Minimum Age for a Hair Transplant

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Minimum Age for a Hair Transplant

People who have a hair loss problem start observing the initial signs of balding in their teenage. This situation can be a mentally stressful experience as teenagers are pretty conscious of their looks. Hence, many young men question if they can get a hair transplant? Read to know the appropriate answer to this question.

What is the Minimum Age for a Hair Transplant?

According to expert cosmetic surgeons, young men should not opt for a hair transplant as soon as they start losing hair. As young, as 19-year-olds asked about this but it is not recommended for under 25’s. The minimum age for a hair transplant is should be 30 or close to that age.

With celebrities like Jude Law and Wayne Rooney, the hair transplant procedure is getting more and more popular but it is not for everyone. Usually, hair transplant surgeons have a minimum age of 25 to 27 for potential transplant patients. This is to make sure that the patient’s hair loss pattern is properly defined so that their future loss pattern can be predicted.

What If Young Patients Gets Hair Transplant Surgery?

If a young patient gets a hair transplant, it can seem worse than it did before the transplant. If you have the surgery too early and you go bald, you do not have sufficient hair to keep pursuing the hair loss. Patients can end up with isolated hair patches. You could develop hairy temples and a bald forehead that is ugly and tough to fix.

The surgeons prioritize preserving the rest of the hair before talking about surgery; this can be achieved through oral medication such as Propecia and Rogaine. Cosmetic surgeons ask questions regarding the patient’s family history, records their hair loss and observe it over some time. The patient’s reaction to the hair loss medication is estimated to see if the hair stops falling out- this gives a better picture of how much hair they will lose.

Patients who wait until they are of a suitable age do not regret their hair transplant choice and see much better results. The best cosmetic surgeons keep the patient’s best interests in mind as to give him the safest and most effective of results, hence a hair transplant is required. Moreover, those who are seeking hair restoration will have to consider the long-term financial investment of a hair transplant while keeping realistic goals. It is also important to be in a mature state of mind and keep realistic expectations regarding the surgery. Those with greater levels of hair loss will not be able to achieve as much hair density as those who are on the lower levels for male pattern baldness.

Because of all these variables to consider, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery experts encouraged their patients to wait for hair transplantation until they are in their late twenties. If you want to consult our qualified and certified cosmetic surgeons fill the consultation form below.

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