Is low-level laser therapy effective for hair loss?

Laser Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is a common problem among both men and women around the globe. It is typically associated with a hereditary condition known as androgenic alopecia. There are, however, other factors such as stress, lack of sleep, and malnutrition that can cause hair loss. While women experience thinning, which usually isn’t very noticeable, men tend to experience extensive and very pronounced hair loss. Fortunately, several highly effective surgical procedures are available to counter this problem. However, not everyone wants to go under the knife as these surgeries have a fair bit of downtime post-treatment. For such people, low-level Laser Hair Loss Treatment is an ideal option. Let’s have a closer look at how this works!

How does low-level laser hair loss treatment work?

The laser system used is known as the Hair Re-growth System. It employs diode low-level laser technology for hair regrowth. Its wavelength is typically set at 650nm, allowing it to penetrate the follicles.

The laser activates the weak follicles by increasing the blood flow in the area. The process also allows more oxygen to the follicles. As more nutrition is received, the follicles gain strength and start reproducing hair.

The results are not instant, and it can take some time before the hair starts growing back. Multiple sessions of the treatment are needed to achieve the desired results. These sessions may be performed after a couple of days’ gap. Only your doctor can determine exactly how many sessions will be needed.

Who can benefit?

Not everyone’s hair loss is the same. Some people may have slight thinning, while others may have large bald patches on the head. The laser treatment for hair restoration is ideal for hair thinning but not entire bald spots.

It is also an excellent choice for women experiencing thinning. While they require hair restoration, they are not candidates for hair transplant surgeries.

Why choose laser treatment?

It is a question that a lot of people ask. The answer is pretty simple. Any hair restoration procedure has a certain degree of invasiveness involved. Even the nonsurgical options such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Mesotherapy, and ACell require mini injections into your scalp.

Laser treatment, on the other hand, is not invasive. There are no pins and picks and no bleeding involved in the process. You can continue your routine soon after the treatment session is over.

Side Effects

There are no side effects of laser hair restoration procedures. It does not involve pain, and there is no downtime as well. It is truly a day time procedure where you can get the treatment and return to work afterward.


Laser hair restoration is an excellent choice for people with thinning who do not want invasive treatments. It is quite effective, pain-free, and offers excellent results.

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