Is Hair Transplant Recommended for Teenagers?

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Is Hair Transplant Recommended for Teenagers?

It is common for many teens to experience hair shedding and sometimes even complete baldness. Reasons for this could be genetics, poor diet, unconscious hair pulling and medications that cause hair loss. Many teenagers wonder if they can opt for hair transplant surgery and if it is a safe option for them?

Is it Recommended for Teenagers?

Unfortunately, teenagers are not good candidates for a hair transplant. A good candidate for a hair transplant should follow the following criteria:

  • Cause of their hair loss must be diagnosable.
  • Hair loss should have a predictable progression.
  • They must have donor hair that could be harvested to produce valuable hair grafts.

Although the cause of hair loss can usually be determined, it can be very difficult for a hair transplant surgeon to precisely predict how the hair loss of a teenager will progress.

This makes it highly difficult for creating natural results of a hair transplant. In addition, the hair may shed again as the shedding process of a younger person would continue for longer, also the chance for performing a hair transplant in the future for a teenager may not be possible as the number of hair grafts available would’ve been reduced.

Hair Transplant Alternatives:

There are a several alternatives to hair transplants that can reduce hair loss among teenagers. Some of them are mentioned below:

1)     Eating well– The food we eat provides nourishment for our overall body and improves our health. Foods rich in iron, zinc, and protein are excellent for nourishing the hair and preventing hair fall.

2)     Getting Vitamin D– Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for keeping hair growth functional.  Vitamin D can be gotten from the sun. Research suggests that vitamin D stimulates hair growth.

3)     Avoid taking stress- One of the causes of hair loss is traction alopecia- that is a condition that results from too much tension being placed on the hair for a prolonged period of time. Doctors suggest patients do yoga, breathing exercises, running and avoid jobs that make them tense.

4)     Avoid tight hairstyles- Certain hairstyles such as tight ponytails, hair weaves and dreadlocks may damage the strength and life of hair. In addition, the use of hair products such as straightening creams and certain kinds of gels cause hair fall.

If your hair loss situation is not genetic then following the guidelines above would deeply improve your hair fall situation.


Even though teenagers(<18 years) are not good candidates for hair transplant but they are equally prone to hair fall. However, it can be treated through various alternatives discussed above. The individuals who meet the candidacy criteria for hair transplant can consult with our expert surgeons at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery. We offer a free initial consultation to facilitate you in the best possible manner so book your appointment now.

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