How to Take Care of Hair after Hair Transplant Treatment?

Hair Transplant Treatment

If you’re about to have a hair transplant treatment, then you must have done a lot more research about it. You know what to expect out of your surgery, how long is the entire thing going to last, the pros and cons, and whatnot. But wait. Have you looked at how are you going to take care of your hair after the surgery?

No? I knew that.

Let me help you out with the post-hair transplant care that will ensure that you get the best out of your treatment. Following these simple steps will give you long, smooth and amazing hair for you!

Take Care of the Scar

Like all other surgical procedures, hair transplant results in scarring. In some patients, the scar may be only slightly noticeable, whereas in others there could be a half-an-inch thick visible scar. If you have long hair, the scar can be easily camouflaged, however, if your head has been shaved, it will remain visible. While you wait for the new hair follicles to grow, take the prescribed medications to keep the swelling to a minimum. You are likely to experience scalp irritation but you won’t be allowed to touch it under any circumstances. Rubbing the sore scalp can cause the grafts to fall off before they can even grow.

Keep Your Head Elevated

Sleep in a semi-upright position with your head propped on two or more pillows for the first few nights after the surgery—essentially for the first three. This precaution is important to avoid unnecessary swelling of the head. If possible, try sleeping in a reclining chair with your head elevated. If your hair has been implanted in the lower crown, sleep on your sides for the first few nights so that hair grafts do not get rubbed against the pillow and fall off.

Avoid Physical Activities

Don’t expose yourself to direct sunlight for the first few days and avoid engaging in strenuous physical activities. Both of them can make you sweat excessively, which you have to avoid at all costs. Perspiration increases the risk of infection and can affect the growth of your newly implanted follicles. You also need to avoid steam baths and saunas to prevent sweating.

Avoid Cigarettes & Alcohol

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol can interrupt blood supply to the hair follicles, thus both of them are a BIG ‘No-No’ after a hair transplant surgery. Blood flow is essential for the newly grafted hair follicles and any interruption can slow down the growth rate. Surgeons suggest to quit both for at least a month after the surgery. It is advisable that you start reducing your daily intake well in advance to the surgery so that you can easily quit it after the hair transplant.

Keep the Scalp Clean and Dry

Make sure that the area around your scalp is clean and dry throughout the recovery phase. Visit your clinic two days after the procedure and get your bandages removed. Your clinic will wash the scalp thoroughly. It is normal to feel numbness and soreness in the scalp following the surgery. Avoid applying anything to it other than what your physician has already suggested. Recovery from the procedure takes time and you need to find something to distract yourself rather than looking at your hair growth every now and then.

Post-treatment Hair Care

When hair finally begins to grow out of the implanted follicles, it doesn’t mean hair care ends there. You need to take even greater care till your hair has grown fully. Talk to your doctor and ask him to prescribe you a good shampoo. Generally, many patients resort to using baby shampoo since it’s very gentle on the scalp. A good medicated shampoo can do equally well. You’ll also have to avoid a shower for the first few days and instead, hand wash your hair.

With these tips, you can get the best out of your hair transplant. But you should equally emphasize getting a world-class hair transplant surgeon because the results of the procedure also depend on the expertise of the surgeon. Any negligence by the surgeon can increase the chances of complications. Therefore, choose Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic for this purpose. It is the leading hair transplant clinic in UAE that is committed to serving its patients with excellence.