How to Select a Surgeon for a Hair Transplant?

How to Select a Surgeon for a Hair Transplant in Dubai?

Currently, hundreds of clinics are offering hair transplantation worldwide. Most clinics promise to provide excellent healthcare standards and possibilities to get a quality hair transplant at affordable prices. Although these clinics have the latest equipment and use the most advanced techniques, they still present challenges to hair transplant candidates. The question is: do they have qualified hair transplant surgeons to perform the actual procedure? Patients want to get the best use out of every Dirham they spent. So, for that, they need to be sure if the surgeon performing their transplant is an expert.

Below, we have shared a guide to choosing the right hair transplant surgeon for your procedure.

Guide for Choosing the Right Surgeon for a Hair Transplant

Do you want to get a hair transplant in Dubai? Do you want to know which clinic’s surgeons will be right for you and how you can choose them?

Read the guidelines below:


The initial thing to examine is the surgeon’s qualification. All surgeons have some essential qualifications to perform surgeries, of course, but some additional qualifications may help. Several forms of plastic and cosmetic surgery can guarantee that their members have enough skills and experience to perform hair transplants and other cosmetic surgery procedures.


A degree and months of experience are not enough for a doctor to produce good results. A hair transplant is a science as well as art. It takes a lot of experience for a doctor to become an expert in the art of hair transplants. While estimating a surgeon’s experience, consider the number of years and the number of surgeries performed during these years.


Ask the persons linked to this field for the reputation of the clinic as well as the surgeon. If a clinic and its surgeon have a good reputation, they will try their best to live up to it.


Pay attention to the environment during your visit to the clinic. Watch for the staff’s professionalism and find out whether they have the client’s interest at heart. Consider how comfortable you feel while discussing your issues and desires with the surgeon or the staff.


The low-cost offers are always attractive, but pay proper attention to other factors before considering it. If you suspect the surgery’s quality and possible outcome, never choose that clinic merely based on low cost. There are a few considerations while comparing prices of different clinics. Some charges are based on the number of hairs transplanted, some charge based on grafts transplanted, while others charge a lump sum amount for a hair transplant session. Remember that a graft contains 1-4 hairs, so one graft is not the same as one hair. And if the clinic charges a lump sum, know beforehand how many grafts they will transplant in one session.

Past Results

Past results are the best signs of your probable outcome. See as many before and after pictures and make sure they present fair results. If you have a chance to meet any past patients, consider it a definite plus!


While opting for a hair transplant surgery, the selection of the right clinic and surgeon is critical. This guide will help you choose a clinic for a hair transplant in Dubai or anywhere else in the world to get the desired result. A few clinics like Dubai Cosmetic Surgery® provide free online consultation. You can start your selection process from there until you find the surgeon you are looking for.