Difference between Hair Weaving and Hair Grafting

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Hair Weaving

Hair weaving means adding hairs to concealed the baldness or adding hairs to already present hairs. The hair added though hair weaving could be either synthetic or natural hairs of humans. These natural human hairs are obtained by the haircuts of different people. The hairs are then processed and sold in the market.

There are different types of weaving currently in use such as tracking, netting, micro braiding, fusion etc. The type of hair weaving a person needs depends entirely upon the needs and wants of a person. Hair weaving is generally used for concealing baldness. Most of the people will go for a hair transplant if they are given choice, however, there are certain conditions where it becomes the only solution such as extensive baldness and other hair disorders.

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Hair weaving is temporary

The hairs loss treatment through this procedure have no center from which hairs grow (Bulb). So they are unable to grow which is the reason that they loosen over time and fall because they are glued to either scalp or hairs. The fiber of the waved hairs get damaged over time even with extreme care. The hair gained through this procedure usually last for one to six months. It cannot cure baldness it can only conceal it for some time.

Why is hair weaving so popular?

Even with all the disadvantages, this procedure remains one of the most famous procedure for baldness.

It is widely available and even a non-medical professional can perform the procedure.

The procedure is pain-free and requires less time to complete. The immediate cost of the procedure is less when compared to the overall expenses however with the repetition of the procedure, in the long run, both its cost and time outpaces the hair transplant.

Prolonged use of this technique can cause skin problem.

Hair transplant for men and women

Hair transplant is a cosmetic treatment in which a person’s own hair are used instead of synthetic or human hair. In this treatment, hairs are grafted into the upper scalp of a person which are harvested from the back side of the scalp. The procedure is permanent and doesn’t need to be repeated over time.

This procedure harvest hair along with bulbs (the center from which hairs grow) which means that hairs grafted though this procedure can grow back and will act as natural hairs for a person. The area from which hairs are harvested will have lower hair density after the procedure but the empty area could be easily covered by the surrounding hairs.

There are two techniques used for the hair transplant one is called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) while the other is called Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In this technique, each follicular unit is extracted individually with the help of a robotic mechanism without removing any strip of tissue. These harvested hairs are then grafted into the desired area of the scalp. The removal is random which can cause the reduction in hair density in the donor area, however, this reduction is unnoticeable and can be easily concealed with the hairs from the surrounding area. The procedure doesn’t require stitches as there is no scar involved. The healing time of this procedure is fast and there is less post procedure and discomfort involved when compared to FUT. This technique is the latest technique for hair transplant.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

In this technique, a strip from the back side of the scalp is harvested along with strips of hair. This harvest creates a large scar on the donor area. The harvested strip is then divided into small parts. Each small part of this strip contains only a few hairs. The harvested hairs are then grafted into the desired area. The scar created due to this procedure can be easily concealed by surrounding hair. With FUT greater number of hairs can be transplanted in a single session.

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The main difference between hair transplant and hair weaving is their age. Hair weaving is a temporary procedure and needs to be repeated over time for the constant result while hair transplant is the one-time permanent solution.

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