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Hair Transplant in Dubai Has Much To Offer

A hair transplant is an amazing discovery of the 20th century that has benefited millions of people the world over. Gone are the days when you would have to live with hair loss, balding patches or considerable baldness.

Wigs, hair extensions, creams and shampoos that promise to grow hair are a story of the days gone by. Firstly because wigs produce results that look artificial and can prove to be a social embarrassment and creams, and shampoos rarely ever work.

Results can only be evident and positive for serious candidates who want to see an actual change and are willing to invest the time and money. A Hair transplant is one such miraculous discovery that helps enables natural hair growth for life. It is becoming increasingly popular in Dubai where people always get the best, be it clothes, accessories, cars or cosmetic treatments.

A hair transplant is performed using two methods, the conventional strip removal or FUT method and the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE approach. In FUT hair transplant a strip of hair is excised from the donor region of the head and then broken down into individual hair follicles with the help of a microscope. These follicular units are then implanted into the balding regions of the head.

This method is quick but is invasive, causes bleeding, leaves a scar on the head, and has a longer recovery period. It is therefore not recommended for people who wear their hair very short and want to resume working quickly.

The FUE hair transplant is the more advanced and sophisticated technique. In this technique the cosmetic surgeon extracts hair follicles directly from the donor region making a circular incision around the hair follicle, once enough hair follicles are harvested, the doctor implants these into the balding regions using a punch instrument. This technique is considerably less invasive, causes minimal bleeding, no scarring, no sutures and has a quick recovery period.

This technique also requires much more labor work as the doctor is individually extracting each hair follicle with exact precision. It is therefore the more expensive hair transplant method. You can opt for the option that you find suitable, as both techniques have proven to produce successful results.

It is important to get a hair transplant right the first time as there is limited donor supply in the head. For this reason, it is essential to consult a highly qualified, skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

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