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Hair Transplant – Different Methods

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Hair Transplant - Different Methods

There was a time when hair replacement techniques results were uncertain and too much pain was felt after the surgery procedure. These techniques are more filtered now than before. If an expert surgeon in the field performs the procedure, the up to date hair transplantation surgery has produced excellent results. The old large punch technique to add hair grafts has been replaced by Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

The results of FUE hair transplant surgery are exceptionally natural in the case of both hairline and hair. The differences between the new hair transplantation techniques and the old ones are generally the way of handling specific types of baldness issues, mainly in men, and careful screening of the potential hair transplant candidates. Most of the clients are extremely satisfied with the newer techniques of hair Restoration. Equal to the size of real hair follicles very small incisions are made in the affected area so that the transplant surgeons can create more improved and realistic hair than ever before. The hairs used in transplantation process are also from the client’s head so there is no chance of negative response or any sort of reaction.

It is better to have the transplantation procedure before the area of bald spots increases on the head and donor hair becomes less. Patients must make up their mind whether they want to go for the procedure or not and they should have pragmatic expectations after consulting with a hair transplant specialist. If the patient is suffering from pattern baldness which runs in the family, a hair transplantation surgery will help greatly in slowing down the process or may completely stop it. However it is necessary for the transplant procedure that there must be sufficient hair left on the head. That’s why one should consult with a hair specialist before baldness turns into a major issue.

Of course there are people who worry about the pain and suffering during the hair transplant procedure. Modern hair transplants are typically performed only with a local anesthetic and the patient feels no pain at all. In case of nervousness, sedatives can be utilized but in most of the cases they are not typically needed if sufficient reassurance is given. In the past, big incisions were made to transplant hair which was quite painful but now everything is done with accuracy and efficiency with less cuts and pain such as in FUE hair transplant. One more thing that differs is the number of treatments needed. The majority of the hair transplant procedures require just one session, but it can be a bit lengthier. During this one session 10 or 12 thousand hair follicles (4000 – 5000 Hair Grafts) are smoothly placed on the head.

Post surgical pain is typically felt less or not at all by the patients but itching is reported commonly. Itching does not create anxiety for most of the clients and after a few days they get back to work and start following their normal routines. Although, there is one shocking thing that happens after a hair replacement surgery is temporary hair loss of the new hair. This is the part of the normal process and patients should be prepared for it. Ultimately, new hairs will grow from those spots and once the new hair grows in then the before and after results will be amazing.

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