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Hair Transplant Benefits

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Hair Transplant Benefits

For the past half of a century, hair transplant procedures have been taking place and thankfully boast a remarkable record of safety and accomplishment. As technology advances by the day, hair transplant results look and feel more natural than they ever were. The reasons why people go for hair transplant can be rooted in genetic makeup of our species, people with healthy heads of hair are biologically deemed more fertile, capable and sexy; hence appealing more to society. On the other hand balding people are usually the butt of jokes and social culture reserves a lesser esteemed place for them even though no one will disrespect them for their baldness, but we are all genetically programmed to see a hairy head as healthier and more acceptable.

Hair Transplant Methods

Currently two methods exist for hair transplant and both involve little or no sedation.

  1. Strip harvesting of the scalp
  2. extraction and insertion of follicular units

For those with limited knowledge about these two methods, abbreviated into FUE and FUT, they are both very different forms of transplant methods. Whilst some individuals will enjoy the luxury of making a choice based on extensive research, knowledge and preference; other will have to settle for the fact that their health and circumstances will dictate which method will be more suitable for them.

FUT Method

This method is called Follicular Unit Transplant and it is rather invasive procedure leaving more scarring than the other type of hair transplant method. But the up side to it is that it costs lesser, and if patients do not have a problem with scars or they wish to keep their hair long then this method results in better quality hair. The fulfilling results as well as the price factor have great potential for many clients usually people in the older demographic of society can take this choice.

In this process a strip of scalp is surgically removed from the healthy (hairy) region of the head and the hair on it excised into single follicular grafts. Then with another machine holes are created in the bald region to house the newly prepared grafts.

FUE Method

FUE is an abbreviation for Follicular Unit Extraction and has a lower pain and scarring threshold than FUT. The time of recovery is also shorter but since the process involves harvesting all the hair on the head then planting it somewhere else for harvesting later on, the quality of hair is not as optimal as that with direct transplant. Hence this method is preferred by younger people (under 30 years) with healthier hair and who wish to keep their hair short. The scarring is very minimal with only round un-pigmented circles around the hair roots that are only visible if the patient shaves their head completely.

As explained above, healthy hair is removed from the entire head and planted in another region to encourage growth. When the hair is ready, it is harvested and planted back onto the head.

Treatment Comparison

One can feel safe to say that there is no Gold standard for which method is better since both have benefits and drawbacks most of which do not come down to the patient’s preference. FUE is definitely an option for those individuals wishing to keep a shorter hair style in the future. FUT however is recommended for those wishing to have better quality hair and keep it long to disguise the scarring or have no problem with the scarring. There is no good or bad choice between the two.

Hair Transplant Benefits

There are various perks associated with both methods of hair transplant.

  • Unlike artificial hair growth systems; transplantation is a lot cheaper.
  • Ostensibly, hair transplant’s biggest advantage is the visual change in physical appearance. 78% of reported men and women have declared increase in self-esteem, physical appearance and social acceptance following hair transplant.
  • With heightened self-esteem and decreased insecurities people are more willing to gout, mingle socially and lead their lives with increased willingness.
  • Surgical hair restoration is convenient now and can be carried out as an outpatient procedure at a clinic or a hospital. Mild sedatives ensure no pain during surgery.
  • Hair transplant recipients would also have no need for bandages or lengthy post-op procedures and can resume their everyday routines after 24 hours. Recovery period is between 4-6 weeks.
  • The biggest benefit of them all is that after 3 months of surgery the grafted hair will grow naturally and will not only look amazing it would also be a treat to feel every time you touch your head!

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