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Hair Replacement

Baldness or severe hair shedding is one of the most common conditions in men and women. Baldness not only affects your appearance but it also lowers your confidence. Those who are suffering from baldness or hair loss know that it can be very difficult to find an effective method for hair restoration. There are only few hair loss treatments that have been clinically proven to help stop hair loss and promote hair growth. Among these options, what works for one person may not work for the other. However hair replacement surgery is the procedure that is perfect option for those who are seeking an effective treatment for baldness. It is gaining significant popularity over last few years but still there are lots of concerns a patient have about some surgical procedure he or she is planning to undergo.

To come close to the nature is the most important concern we all have and especially when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Patients who consider undergoing hair replacement surgery also desire to get natural looking results. The newest techniques in hair transplantation yield much better and natural looking results than the techniques of the past. Rather than having noticeable grafts that look like doll’s hair, FUT and FUE use smaller grafts that help giving natural looking results by facilitating natural distribution of hair. Although new techniques and technologies make results of hair transplantation appear natural, it takes expertise and attention to detail to guarantee most favorable results.

As every head of hair is different, you cannot exactly know how the results of hair replacement surgery will appear. However, below given are some factors that can affect the results of the procedure.

  • The results will be less natural looking if more hairs per graft are used in your hair transplant. So, most of the hair transplant surgeons use the grafts that contain one to four hair follicles only.
  • Your scalp laxity can also influence the results of surgery. More flexible can help produce more natural looking results.
  • Your recipient site after hair transplant surgery will be fuller if you have denser hair in donor site. For those who have high density of hairs on donor site, more grafts can be done resulting in more natural looking results.

No one exactly knows how hair replacement surgery will turn out but above given are certain factors that can affect the results. However, an experienced hair transplant surgeon can provide you with natural looking results.

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