Fut Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is known to be the most effective and permanent solution to hair loss. People suffering from hair thinning, pattern baldness, or severe hair loss opt for hair transplants to get back their lost hair. Its popularity has increased over the years because it has shown promising results. With the passage of time, the transplantation technique has improved significantly. Currently, there are two main techniques to perform hair transplant and one of them is FUT Hair Transplant. 

Many people, while planning to get a FUT hair transplant get confused about whether they should go for it or not? To sort this confusion out, we have decided to explore FUT transplant surgery in detail. We will mention all the necessary details about the procedure that will help you in taking the decision.

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What is FUT Hair Transplant?

Also known as the strip hair transplant method, FUT is considered to be a traditional way of performing hair transplantation. It gives natural-looking results and the transplanted hair grows just like natural hair. FUT hair transplant is suitable for people with large balding areas. 

How is it performed?

The procedure of Follicular Unit Transplantation involves cutting an entire stripe of hair from the donor area which is mostly the back or sides of the scalp. The selection of the donor area is done on the basis of thickness and abundance of hair in particular. Usually, the backside of the scalp has a sufficient amount of hair supply which is why it is the preferable donor area. However, body hair can also be used if you do not have enough hair on your scalp. 

The strip obtained is then dissected to collect grafts that contain 1-2 hair follicles. These grafts are also known as follicular units. In the next step, tiny incisions are made into the recipient area of the scalp where hairs are required. The thousands of follicular units collected are then transplanted into the recipient area in a single session. FUT technique leaves a noticeable scar at the donor area and involves stitches. 

What are the benefits of FUT Hair Transplant?

Even though it involves a lot of cutting and stitching still, FUT procedure has some great advantages;

  • It has a better yield of hair as compared to other hair restoration techniques.
  • You can get thousands of hair follicles transplanted in just a single session. 
  • It is affordable as compared to other techniques such as FUE.
  • It provides an enhanced and natural-looking cosmetic effect when the hairs grow. 

What are the drawbacks of the FUT procedure?

There are some major drawbacks of the FUT technique due to which other hair transplant procedures were introduced. These drawbacks include;

  • As mentioned above, the FUT technique involves more cutting and stitching. 
  • It causes noticeable scarring at the donor site.
  • A long recovery period is associated with the FUT procedure because it is invasive.
  • FUT causes a lot of discomfort and itching.
  • The chances of infection and inflammation are higher if proper aftercare is not done.

Who is the right candidate for FUT Transplant?

You should opt for the FUT technique if you are physically and mentally fit. Your hair loss should not be in a progressing state if you are willing to get a FUT hair transplant. Also, you should not have a tight scalp skin. Patients who have lost their hair permanently due to alopecia are also suitable candidates to undergo FUT hair transplant. Moreover, there should be sufficient hair on the donor site. Last but not the least, you should be mentally prepared to go under the knife and must have realistic expectations. 

The Bottom Line

All the necessary information about the FUT procedure has been given above. However, whether you should go for it or not, can only be answered by a hair transplant surgeon. You should consult with a surgeon before choosing the procedure. A surgeon will examine your scalp condition to determine the extent of hair loss done. After that, he/she will suggest whether you should opt for a FUT hair transplant or not. Therefore, the choice of a surgeon matters a lot. 

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