Female Hair Transplant Recovery

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Female Hair Transplant Recovery

Hair loss is often associated with men and usually, when we hear about hair transplant we think that the topic at hand is for men but that is not always the case female too have the hair loss problem and usually go under the treatment to increase their hair density.

If you are looking for hair replacement and Abu Dhabi then you are in right place. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offers Hair transplant with highly skilled doctors.


Procedure’s impact on recovery time

There are two techniques being used for the hair recovery FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) while the other is called FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). The FUE is a modern technique while FUT is an old technique. FUE creates no scar and has less recovery time.

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First few days of recovery

The position of the follicle is visible immediately after transplant takes place, but the sight might not be what you expected as there will be a lot of scabbing around follicles. During the first days of the recovery, swelling is to be expected. The swelling is expected to begin on the third day and is expected to subside in six days.

With FUT transplant there is a chance that the patient might have numbness in the scalp of their head, however, this numbness is only temporary and will last a couple of months. The patient will also develop tiny blood clots in the area where the incision has taken place. The redness in the head area is gone by the seven days and the color of that area would change to pink color in a couple of weeks.

Many of these things will not be completely visible to the eye as there will be a lot of natural hair on the patient’s head whose receiving the transplant.


First two months

Two to three weeks after patents surgery the grafted hair will begin to fall but you shouldn’t be alarmed by this as it is completely normal. This happens because the hair goes through restoration.

Hairs grow only one centimeter in a month so it will take some time for newly transplanted hair to become visible. However, the growth period is different for every patient. The newly transplanted hair might not grow quickly but they will grow eventually. Some patients might notice that there is something strange happening in the recipient area. This condition is temporary and it is a positive sign of hair growth.

It will also be recommended to avoid the sunlight.


Three to ten Months

After three months the hair would be visible. Five to six months after the treatment patient would see exponential growth. The new hair would be as long as three inches and the shaft would start to become thickened.

During seven to eight months the patient would see a huge difference between the initial condition and present condition. The hair would be longer, thicker and their density would have increased exponentially.

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Years after transplant

After a year the patient’s transplanted hair would completely merge with her natural hair. They will still be shorter but unnoticeable and would look completely normal.

Years after the surgery they would be as long as the rest of the patient’s head hair. This growth will entirely depend on the speed of the patient’s hair growth.

FUE Hair transplant gives the best result with the minimum recovery time and discomfort.

If your hairs are falling and want hair transplant then feel free to contact Dubai Cosmetic Surgery as we offer free online consultation with expert cosmetic surgeons. All you need to do is fill the form below and we will answer all your quarries.

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