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Emotional Effects of Hair Loss Among Women

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Hair loss among women might seem uncommon but it is very common. Just because they do not show their balding spots does not mean they are not going through hair loss.

In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology agrees to the fact that as many as 5 per cent of women under the age of 30 years and 60 per cent of those older than 70 yearsare affected by hair loss. But this is not noticed by the wider public because most of these women suffer in silence.

Most women make it through the hair loss journey by having a different hairstyle, covering their heads by either a hat or maybe a wig, or simply shaving off their entire head as a way of being “fashionable”.

Since most common causes of hair loss among women are often discussed, the sooner a person starts treatment for the reason behind the hair loss, the better the chances of regaining a full head of hair.

It might not be the end of the world to lose hair, especially if you are a woman, but for most it might seem so from their perspective. This is because hair loss among men is more acceptable by society compared with hair loss in women.

With this kind of perception, women tend to suffer a lot and it affects them emotionally as well as their self-image to a larger extent.Outlined here are different ways women faced with hair loss suffer emotionally.

  • Feeling unattractive:The moment a woman starts seeing some changes on her scalp, like thinning or bald spots, the first thing that comes to mind is her level of attractiveness. Women, who have a full head of hair or simply healthy hair, have a way of feeling content with their beauty because it is more a symbol of femininity. So when it starts to fall, every feeling of self-worth starts disappearing which can lead to mental health problems.
  • Low self-esteem: The next thing to start disappearing with the hair is the person’s self-confidence. The beauty of hair adds on to someone’s self-esteem, and plays a big part in their entire personality. By losing hair, the self-worth also disappears and expressing herself becomes a big problem, leading to insecurities.
  • Embarrassment: Loss of hair also leads to one being embarrassed. Compared with a man in her position, she will not be very confident going out or meeting people because the hair loss she is going through brings shyness to her life. And the result is not wanting anyone to see her balding spots, for fear of it leading to stigmatization.
  • Frustration: Like I had mentioned above, hair loss might not seem like the end of the world but for those going through it, it surely feels like the end of the world. Being frustrated for not being able to have your hair in a particular style, or sticking to one style throughout so as to hide a hairless spot could feel more like emotional torture. This frustration is what can also easily drive a woman who is losing her hair into depression.
  • Feelings of envy: Although the green-eyed monster is a very negative feeling, losing hair can easily lead a person to such feelings. Hair is a sign of femininity and when you start losing it you feel like you have lost the feminine qualities as well. So when you see someone else with beautiful flowing hair, the feelings of envy start eating away at you, which again adds more to your depressing feelings.

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