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Does Stem Cell Hair Restoration Work?

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Stem Cell Hair Restoration

In the past, people used different techniques to stop hair fall or even restore the hairs. These techniques were effective in stopping hair fall to some extent but none of these techniques could restore the fallen hairs. Then FUT (Follicle Unit Transplant) was developed and it changed everything after that FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction) was developed which further enhanced the hair transplant. Both of these techniques worked effectively but there was a downside to the treatment. Both FUE and FUT needs hairs to be harvested from another part of the body which is usually scar and the harvested hairs never grow back. FUT leaves a huge scar while FUE leaves patches on the scalp.

Stem cell hair restoration

Stem cell hair restoration in Dubai is the most efficient procedure for hair restoration. The procedure not only restore hair in the bald area but it also restores hair in the area from where the follicles were harvested. No patches are left in the back of the scalp or any donor area after the research is completed. This treatment was first performed successfully in the year 2017 by the Italian researchers.


Stem cell hair restoration begins with the punch biopsy which extracts follicles of hairs from part of your body which is usually scalp. The follicles harvested are then multiplied in the lab. After the hair multiplication, the second phase starts in which the multiplied hair are harvested back into the scalp of a person.

There are different research teams working on this treatment the procedure might be different for each research team but the basic principle of the treatment is the same. There are some clinics offering the stem cell hair transplant but the treatment is not FDA approved because the treatment is still in the testing phase. The procedure will be fully available by the year 2020.

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The procedure is a non-surgical treatment and is usually performed outpatient basis. Due to the fact that the procedure is still in the research phase, we can’t guarantee the results of the procedure. The results could be different for each person and more than one session might be required for complete results and these sessions will be performed over the course of several months.

The recovery time of stem cell hair transplant

Pain is to be expected after the procedure which will subside in a couple of weeks. There is no specific recovery time but it is expected that heavy exercise should be avoided for the first week. The treatment is a non-surgical procedure but scaring is to be expected in the area of harvest.

Advantages of Stem cell hair transplant

The procedure offers many advantages over other hair growth treatments.

It is a perfect solution for permanent hair growth

The procedure is safe because it is a non-surgical procedure.

There is little pain involved in the procedure.

The recovery time of the procedure is faster and it is an outpatient procedure.

The discomfort involved in the procedure is far less compared to other hair restoration treatment.

The results of this procedure are quickly visible and usually, the patient would be able to see results in the first month.

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Stem cell hair restoration gives amazing results but the results of this procedure are not guaranteed. After it’s official availability by the year 2020 its results will become guaranteed and certain.

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