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Hair loss can be daunting and can sometimes make someone lose his or her self-esteem. It can be caused by genetics or injuries to the scalp. Here we explain the best alternatives to hair transplant in 2019 which is ACELL + PRP therapy.

The ACell + PRP hair regrowth therapy is a scientific development which treats hereditary and temporary hair loss in children, men and women. ACell + PRP therapy is the most effective hair growth restoration and non-surgical method currently available. The therapy is a platelet-rich plasma injection that restores hair growth and prevents shedding in patients who are most likely to experience hair loss through genetics.

The procedure takes an average of 90 minutes and has very little downtime.

What is ACell Therapy?

ACell is a unique protein product that is used in various human and animal applications for medical purposes. It is used in stem cell therapy mainly for the management of pressure ulcers, wounds, wound trauma, burns and diabetic ulcers. It is used in the field of veterinary tissue-engineering as well.

When stem cells are activated by an acellular device like ACell’s matristem they usually recruit other cells and this triggers a tissue regeneration in the area. When placed on a wound or surgical site it works to repair and remodel damaged tissues by stimulating adult stem cells in the area. The same process is used to regenerate dormant follicular tissues hence producing improved quality of hair growth.

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What is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP hair loss therapy is a 3 step medical treatment whereby a patient’s blood is drawn, processed and injected into the scalp. It contains essential growth factors which are produced by your own body. This triggers natural hair growth by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle which thickens the hair shaft.

How does ACell + PRP Therapy work?

The treatment starts by drawing blood from the patient before a local anaesthetic is applied to the treatment area. Once the area is completely numb the injections are administered. The procedure will take about 90 minutes and the downtime is minimal although there should be some little soreness in the scalp but this subsides within 48 hours.

What can be expected from ACell + PRP Treatments?

The results of the treatments start showing about four to eight months post procedure. This is because they the therapy follows the natural cycle of hair growth. The hair is expected to feel fuller and thicker when it starts growing. Follow up treatments are essential so as to keep track of the renewing hair growth. The results of the treatments are assessed every 4 months after the treatment and tracked annually so as to find out if the patient might need another procedure to maintain the hair growth. The results usually lasts between months and years depending on the patient before needing booster injection series.

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The therapy can also slow down or prevent hair thinning in the future.

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