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5 Actionable Tips for Treating Hair Loss

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All of us dream of having healthy, shiny and beautiful hair but due to our own carelessness hair fall has become a common problem nowadays. Hair loss is a common issue that affects millions of people around the world.
Hair gives an attractive and gorgeous look. It’s an important part of the body to add some charm to your life and body too. Anybody can suffer from the hair loss due to many causes like

Causes of hair loss

• Unhealthy foods

• Improper sleep

• Untidy scalp

• Pollution

• Direct exposure to sunlight

• Dandruff

• Pregnancy/ childbirth

• Mineral deficiencies

• Weakness/ illness

• Different medication

• Excess use of heat on hair like straighter and curlers

• Stress/ depression/ tension

• Genetics

It’s important to take some precautions to avoid damaged hair. Avoid using your hair dryer when you really don’t need to, dry your hair with a towel, overusing heat on your hair can cause damage to your hair.
Believe it or not, but combing your hair twice a day is the best natural hair growth tip, it helps to boost blood circulation to the scalp, which then enhances the health of the hair follicles.

Home Remedies

• Applying the onion juice onto your scalp can help to boost hair growth naturally.
• Apple cider vinegar.
• Coconut oil
• Hair mask using egg yolk and olive oil

If you are careless like me then you may suffer from thinning of hair or hair loss. It’s really embarrassing, annoying and irritating situation. But I recently found some easy, effective and actionable tips to cure hair loss problem.

Don’t Pull Your Hair So Tight

Avoid hairstyles like ponytails, tight braids, it causes heavy stress to your hair follicles. Don’t repeat the same hairstyle daily.

Avoid washing your Hair daily

• Don’t wash your hair daily, it can also damage hair follicles and makes them weak.
• Massage your hair with oil before washing your hair.

Protein and Iron Can Help With Hair Loss

• Seafood
• Poultry
• Cheese
• Yogurt
• Beans
• Peanut butter
• Red meat
• Chicken
• Fish
• Spinach

Proper sleep timings

• Don’t wake till late nights.
• Don’t disturb your sleep with either chatting, watching movies, listening songs.
• Sleep on a comfortable bed and pillow, it’s also the main reason to be mentally active and fresh.

Exercise, Rock Climbing to reduce stress

• Helps to release emotional stress.
• The exercise which you enjoy can help you immensely.
• Participate in sports

These tips are effective and show perfect results but if you are suffering from an extreme hair loss problem then you can get PRP therapy in Dubai. It produces permanent, scar less and painless results in just a few weeks instead of years.

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