3 Simple Tips to Stop Hair Loss

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Hair loss is a very common problem and most men and women are experiencing this problem. Up to nearly one-third of the total population is suffering from hair loss. There are many potential causes behind hair loss including improper diet, use of medications, mineral deficiency, stress, illness, and genetics. There is no guarantee that you can prevent hair loss that is in your genetics or caused by factors that are not in your control. However, there are some tips that can help you stop hair loss. These tips include:

1. Avoid damage to your hair

There are many things that can damage your hair. These may include using the wrong products. Mentioned below are some simple and important tips that can help you in protecting your hair from damage.

Limit use of driers:

Excessive use of a hair drier can badly affect your hair. The heat of the drier weakens hairs by damaging proteins and as a result, hairs become fragile and brittle. So, avoid using drier and let your hair dry naturally. Hot cutlers, hair straighteners, and hot brushes can also damage hairs. While using these tools, be careful as a burn on the scalp may cause permanent damage to follicles.

Reduce using hair dyes and chemicals:

Frequent use of hair colors also damages hair. So, limit the use of hair colors and regularly use conditioners after shampooing.

Make alterations in hairstyles:

Some hairstyles that require tight pulling and the use of hair accessories also damage hairs. Such hairstyles include tight ponytails, braids, and buns. So, if you are suffering from hair loss, avoid such hairstyles.

2. Care for your hair

If you want to stop hair loss and want to have healthy and strong hair, then you need to take proper care of them. Use suitable products and also follow some easy home remedies.

Wash your hair with suitable shampoo:

Regularly shampooing keeps your scalp clean and prevents hair loss. However, you should use a mild shampoo that is suitable for your hair. Shampoos with harmful ingredients also damage hair greatly. Proper shampooing also prevents some infections that cause hair loss.

Condition your hairs regularly:

Conditioner is very important to prevent hair loss and makes your hair smooth and silky. Use a good conditioner every time you shampoo your hair.

Use a good hairbrush:

Don’t brush your hair when wet. Try to use a comb as using a hairbrush may cause hair breakage.

Follow some home remedies like oiling:

Some home remedies are also effective to stop hair loss and oiling is one of the most beneficial ones. So, oil your hair regularly. You should also try hair masks.

3. Improve your diet

Making some alterations in your diet will also help you stop hair loss making your hair thicker, stronger, and healthier. What you eat has a great impact on your hair and skin.

Have a balanced diet

A balanced diet prevents hair loss because it makes your scalp and hair healthy. Plenty of vegetables, vitamins, and minerals in your diet are helpful in promoting healthy hair and preventing hair loss.

Add iron to your diet

Iron is very important for healthy hair follicles. So, add food to your diet that contains iron like red meat, chicken, fish, and spinach.

Add protein to your diet

The deficiency of protein causes hair to become weak and dry that leading to hair loss. Get plenty of proteins by eating dairy products, seafood, beans, lean beef, brown rice, lentils, broccoli, and peanut butter.

Add vitamin C to your diet

Vitamin C not only boosts collagen production that strengthens the blood capillaries in the scalp but also helps in the good absorption of iron. So, add citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables to your diet if you want to stop hair loss.

Bottom Line

In short, hair loss is a common and sometimes very distressing problem but by following some simple tips, you can stop hair loss. Still, if you are not experiencing any reduction in hair loss then you should opt for hair loss treatments from a reputable clinic such as Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. We offer a variety of treatments that can fight hair loss efficiently. Moreover, the expertise of our surgeons ensures the best results. So, book your appointment now.