Types of Dental Fillings in Dubai

Types of Dental Fillings in Dubai

Infected, decayed, or broken teeth can be treated through dental fillings. It is an effective procedure to save teeth from further damage and extraction. Dental fillings come in different types, depending on the extent of damage to your teeth. These dental fillings differ in quality, color, and price. You have to choose the best suited dental filling for yourself after doing sufficient research on each.

We have decided to make your work easier, by explaining the nature and durability of each type of dental filling in this blog post.

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Types of Dental Fillings

Mentioned below are four major types of dental fillings.

Amalgam filling: These are the silver fillings that have a darker color. These filings are normally used in teeth that are not very prominent, like the molars. Amalgam fillings are considered fairly durable – as they can last for almost ten years, and the cost is very fair as compared to other fillings.  They are made from a mixture of tin, silver, zinc, mercury, and copper.

Gold Dental Filling: These are the most expensive fillings. If this is your preferred choice of dental filler, you have to order them direct from a laboratory. The gum tissues tolerate these gold inlays very well, that is why most dentists recommend them, considering your affordability to have real gold teeth. They last for 20 plus years and are very stout when it comes to chewing.

Porcelain Dental Filling: These are the ones made of porcelain, and they cost as much as the gold fillings. The only difference is that when you make your order from the laboratory, they can be matched to your teeth color making them go unnoticed. Just like in veneers, the filling is bonded to the tooth and can cover more than just the hollow space created. Porcelain fillings are also resistant to staining, the reason why you have to pay the price of gold for them.

Composite Dental Filling: Made out of plastic, composite fillings are used to give a natural appearance to the teeth. The mixture is made by the dentist then placed onto the hollowed bad tooth where it hardens in place. Composite fillings are not as long-lasting as gold and porcelain, and they only last for three years or more. This is because they are very prone to wear and tear, and are easily stained by tea, coffee, cigarettes, and other colored stuff you ingest.

Dental Filling Procedure

Once the dentist has decided that you need a dental filling, you have to choose the type of filling from the above list. It is the first and foremost step of the procedure. After that, your dentist will give you local anesthesia which numbs the area.

The dentist will then use a drill to cut through the enamel in order to remove the decayed matter. He/she will clean out the hollow space in readiness for the filling of your choice. Depending on the dental filling, he/she will use acid gel to etch the tooth before filling it.

After the dental filling is in place, depending on the type, the dentist will use a resin layer, which he hardens using a special kind of light to make sure it keeps strong. Lastly, a good dentist will polish your newly restored tooth to perfection.

Once the dental filling procedure has been completed, all you have to do is follow the dentist’s advice and recommendation, and you will live happily ever after with your restored tooth.


Dental fillings are very beneficial for treating damaged teeth. But which type is suitable for you? Only an expert can answer this question. You should select the most suitable type of dental filling after consulting with an experienced and reliable dental surgeon. For this purpose, you can visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic because we offer a wide variety of dental fillings for your teeth. For more information on the types of dental fillings, fill in the form given below and get a consultation.